Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W4 | Steem4Nigeria Contest: Your Dream about Steem/Steemit in your Country

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Warmest greetings to everyone here in Steem4Nigeria. I hope you all are perfectly doing well today? it's another time of the week to take part in Steemit Engagement Challenge in Steem4Nigeria Community. For the purpose / aim of this week's challenge, I will share my dream about steem/ steemit in my country. Also with the help of the contest hints given by the organizers on various subtopics which will be included in this entry.
Steemit is a social media with great benefits where we (the users) get to express ourselves better through words by writing, posting, earning, learning and also get to meet new people from different parts of the world.
I got to know about steemit through someone, so as such; I tend to do same by creating awareness and making steemit to be on everyone's lips in my country.
How do I make this dream come to reality? Let's get to find out below;

How Well Steemit is Known in my Country ( Nigeria), Do I Think it's Popular Enough or is There any Need for More Publicity?

Presently in Nigeria, many people are aware of the platform steemit and many are yet to know about the platform. In a scale of 1 to 100, I would say that 10% of Nigerian population are on steemit while 90% are yet to hear about the good news. Nigeria is comprises of 36 states and I have only gotten to meet more people from two states (Abia and Akwa Ibom) out of the 36 states in Nigeria.
Although other states are here but not that much. With this, I would say that; steemit is not popular enough in my country. We still need to put more efforts in the publicity. Nigeria is large and well populated, the number of steemit users today in the platform is very low.
All thanks to Steem4Nigeria for this initiative, this is a wake-up call for all steemians to promote, spread the good news and also make it a trending news in Nigeria. How can we achieve this? Yes, through promotion!

Ways in which I Think Promotion of Steemit can be More Effective in my Country (Nigeria)

There are many projects that can be carried out in order to promote steem and make it the talk on everyone's lips. This can be achieved by strategizing new methods of promotion; methods that everyone will be more comfortable with. Already, many strategies has been used to promote steem in Nigeria like wearing of branded t-shirts, cap and ID card, distribution of flyers, hosting of meetings and training for newbies. All these can still be done but in a more colourful and attractive way. But first it has to be one step at a time.
Let's see the steps;

  • Creating awareness
  • Proper orientation
  • Training / seminar
  • Motivation/ encouragement

Creating Awareness
This is very simple, it is just for us to show the world that something is happening and share what steemit truly entails by wearing our branded t-shirt face cap, ID card out.



However, this might not be possible as thought, most steemians ( especially workers) might not likely have the opportunity to wear steemit branded t-shirts to work everyday. But, I have come up with a suggestion of making hand band with steemit logo designed on it. Steemit can be written on one side, the other side they can design write- post-earn and also ask me how on another side of the band.
The hand band can also be distributed to people with flyers.

Designed with PixelLab by @adylinah

After giving flyers to some people, most of them fold it and dispose ( I do same too)😂 but this band will remind the person about steemit and make the person to also have a second thought.
What do you all think?
There is no how this will be worn out without it attracting eyes and people asking questions.

Social media advertisement too will go a long way because we can reach out to many people online.

In addition, giving out to the needies is another way to promote steemit. For those who are not always opportuned to go out for charity, you can also set percentage of your post payout to charity account in order to assist in carrying out act of kindness activities. You can set to @worldsmile, @smilenigeria, @steemkindness or any other charity account not listed here and it will be well appreciated.

Proper Orientation
What then happens after introducing steemit?, Proper orientation should be done so these newbies will understand and get more knowledge on what steemit is all about. I am very sure that during promotion, much information on the rules and guidelines will not be given in details. During orientation, steemit rules should be outline so the recruits will have idea of what he/she is signing up for.

Training/ seminar


This is the avenue to train these people on how to create unique content and how they can also adhere to steemit rules in order to get support that they deserve.

Secondly, more can be done during the seminar apart from giving these people sweet words on how to create content and get rewarded, letting them know that steemit is beyond what they see should be added to the list. I think this is the reason why more people leave the platform easily when they don't get fast support as they were told during recruitment.

Motivation / Encouragement
Everything has a life cycle and this is a life cycle of steemit. If we don't get to this stage how well can the cycle continue?
Members should please develop the habit of welcoming and supporting newbies no matter how little. With this, they will have a reason to stay active, contribute to the platform happily and the cycle will continue ( they will be bold to tell others about the platform). Although, I know that consistency is the key in steemit, nothing comes easily but little appreciation (upvotes) will go a long way and also help in promotional activities.

Do you Think Steemit Would be Adopted more in Nigeria if the Points Listed Above are Implemented?

Yes!, Everything works with efforts, if these strategies are implemented, the rate of steemit users in Nigeria will rapidly increase in an incredible way. The more effective the promotion is carried out, the more it will attract eyes and make people wonder what steemit is all about. Most people in Nigeria who are self-employed will likely embrace the good news of steemit because now people hardly see good paying jobs, where to learn without paying for it and also where to share their talents and ideas.

How I have Contributed my Quota to the Development of Steemit in my Community

Since I signed up to this great platform, I have tried my possible best to spread the good news to others on my social media handles, my school and the environment where I live. I joined steemit when promotion was hot, I usually join other steemians in my city to promote steemit and the weeks that I'm unavailable to join them, I carry out my promotional activities alone wherever I am.

See pictures from my steemit promotion gallery;





Steem promotion is amazing thing to do or experience because through it I was able to get to know about the platform and I am benefiting from it till today. Creating this awareness will surely make steemit to be on every Nigerian's lips and it will also add greatly to the growth of the platform. Thank you!

I would like to invite @wase1234, @patjewell and @ubongudofot to also share their thoughts on steemit promotion.

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Hy @adylinah you did a great job real i am very appreciated to you

Thank you!

Presently in Nigeria, many people are aware of the platform steemit and many are yet to know about the platform. In a scale of 1 to 100, I would say that 10% of Nigerian population are on steemit

O 10% is too low my dear friend, But if we contribute to this platform then we can make it famous. I hope you will also pormote steemit into your country more.

Friend, your method of steemit pormotion like traning/seminar, Motivation / Encouragement and Proper Orientation are really great. These methods are very easy and helpful. Thanks for telling us.

Friend, you also do a lot of activities about steemit pormotion. I really appriciate it. Finally, I am very grateful to you if you come and visit my post about the same contest. I uploaded it 3 days ago. Hope for your visit.

Greetings 🇵🇰

Thank you so much for your nice words, friend!
I've visited your post already

Keep steeming!🤗

You are welcome friend. Thanks for your visit.

Those hand bands are perfect. Many people love wearing them so it stands like a constant reminder. Your ideas on ways to better promote steemit in your society is superb. You have good planning skills girl. I hope you one day have enough resources to carry out all these activities

Thank you, friend for your contributions 🤗

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Oh wow! Those hand bands are awesome!! Such a great idea.
A great post by a great lady doing great work promoting Steemit!
Keep up the good work and... good luck for the contest!
Ps. Thanks for the invite!

Thank you ma'am for being soft with your words. I appreciate.

Pleasure my friend!

I can see that you are doing perfectly well in the promotion of steem in your community and I believe that with your efforts more people are going to enroll them seft in the field of steemit

I believe so too.
Everyone needs to hear the good news.
Thank you for reading.

You are welcome my good friend

After giving flyers to some people, most of them fold it and dispose ( I do same too)😂 but this band will remind the person about steemit and make the person to also have a second thought.

Woow this is another grate idea, the hand band will go a long way because most people like wearing it. Chaaaa I think if this works out well them we will have more people in this very platform. You are actually doing well in promoting steem my dear friend, I wish you all the best.

Yes, that's the purpose of the hand band. Thank you for visiting dear.

Hello my friend, we all seem to have the same idea of promoting Steemit which is a good one, as such our minds are inclined towards each other, to promote Steemit a lot has been done in the last and it has yielded good results, creating awareness through media will be a great idea and also billboarding a banner in a well-recognized market, holding seminars and one on one promoting amongst students will be fruitful, I think you can also agree with my idea of promotion

Your ideas are cool, it's just up to us to stand up, work and make this come to reality.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

You are welcome, as long as there is support for promoting, we will promote


Nice one @adylinah. I really enjoyed reading through. I’m Nigerian too and I agree with you that Steemit is not known by many Nigerians and it needs to be promoted more. Great job you’re promoting steemit the way you can.

Thanks for sharing and good luck.

Many thanks for creating time to read through. Yes, many are yet to know about the platform, now the ball is in our hands to pass it out to others.

The initiatives you took to promote steem were really appreciated. You said that if you can make a t-shirt with the logo of this steemit. Even then it is much better. I really like it. Also all the initiatives that you have taken were actually worth appreciating.

Thank you for reading through.

The two states you have mentioned are the only outstanding state and I believe if othe state put more effort like this two states Steemit will at least go a long way

Thank you for reading through.

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I'm so excited read your post and your activities primo your country, I like the hand band, its so pretty. Thanks for shating with us. Best of luck for you my friend.

I also invite you to visit my post, so we can make engagement. Greetings

Thank you so much for engaging 🤗
Thanks for the invite, I have just visited your blog.

Wow, I will love to work with you to promote steemit in Nigeria. With your works and campaigns that i have seen is indeed a way of enlighting individual concerning this platform. Yes your points are great and with that we can as well reach many people in a short while. Goodluck to you.

No problem 😊
We are in this together as steemians 🤝
Thank you for visiting my blog!

You're welcome.

You have done a great job of promoting Steemit in your country. I hope I can keep doing it for a long time.

The proposals you have presented would certainly be of great use in attracting many more Nigerian users.

Many thanks for your contribution 🤗

Your promotion pictures looks amazing great job keep steeming

Thank you 🤗


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I appreciate your support 🙏

Wow ooooo @adylinah, you have done amazingly well promoting steemit in your country, that wrist band attracted my eyes, that's very thoughtful of you, if anyone wears it often his or her eyes will be catching up at it thereby being a reminder to sign up, woohoo!!, Thank you friend for such suggestions, you have also done a lot to promote steemit, keep doing your best.

That's the main reason for this proposal (to attract eyes and make people ask questions)🤗
Thanks for reading, sis!

Greetings friend..
I loved reading your post and seeing your good proposals to take steemit much further to increase the percentage in your country nigeria, I know your country as a soccer lover 🤔, look for some fellow steemians and promote those sporting events that I assure you it will go very well.
although that proposal to create an administrative account with a small contribution from a member house close to your state seems great to me to pay for training centers and promotional events.
I congratulate you for your work and excellent proposals.

Thank you for your suggestions and contributions. All are registered and will likely be put into consideration.

I also want a hand and for steemit, that us such a brilliant idea. People love wearing hand bands here and so branding steemit on them will be a great promotion.
You have made great contributions towards steem growth. Thank you for the part you play along with others

Thank you dear for viewing through my point and seeing the importance /use of hand band in promoting steem in Nigeria.
If this strategy is implemented, other countries are free to use the method as well since we are one in the platform.

Nigeria Nigerian Nigeria 🤔. Whenever I look at the number of steemit users from there I can only smiles and wish that it was the same for my country. The users there are really great and since almost every steemian frim
Nigeria have taken it upon themselves to promote steemit it is visibly winning.

The steemians in Nigeria have taken a their promotional works seriously and have been able to recruit a large number of following who are not only serious posting but are also very serious about steemit promotions.