Appreciation Post: DU spendet - Gewinner & Reflexion - 500TRX to Support Bettervision

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Greetings to all and sundry,

We of @bettervision would like to officially express our sincerest gratitude to Deutsch Unplugged, the community leaders, organizers of the poll and to @chriddi for making us beneficiaries to the You donate program that came up recently.

Better Vision Banner II.png

We have received 500TRX approximately $34.28 dollars which would go a long way to helping our beneficiaries both geriatric and pediatric in bettering their sights and making an impact in their social lives.

Screenshot (1089).png

We believe the year is still young that many good things would come out of all the help you have given us for that we are grateful, we look forward to been able to do more to support others through the blockchain.

Thank you for your time.

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You are welcome.
We are sure that you will use the money wisely and will think of you again at future fundraising events.

For once, we'll leave your posting as it is, even though it doesn't correspond at all to the extremely strict rules of our community... 😉

Best regards

Haha, thank you for been lenient with us on the extremely strict rules, we would review and follow accordingly 😊

... und an der Stelle sei auch hervorgehoben, dass chriddi die Spende für die Zweit- und Drittplatzierten aus der eigenen Wallet für den guten Zweck zur Verfügung gestellt hat.
Danke auch dafür 👍