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In this video you will see why you absolutely must invest in the future of the sports industry - namely
Numerous articles have been published about, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Cryptonomist and FortuneZ. has a very active community for which the founders are always available. Transparency is a top priority for the team. They always let the community share in the progress.
By the way: Release in the 1st quarter of 2021. rewards people for an active lifestyle and motivates them to do even more sports. It has also created a special cycle involving numerous retailers and service providers. Run get rewarded, earn and save money.

As an investor and BFHT holder (BeFasterHolderToken - the investor token) you benefit from the success of the company. All BFHT holders have a participation right to 50% of the partial profits of the company.

Come by and see a summary of the best investment case here.

BFHT price increased from $0.002 in summer 2019 to $3 in january 2021. Don't miss your chance. You can buy BFHT on the Exchange Latoken for the current price or directly on the homepage for $1.

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This looks cool. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome, Subscribe to the World of TERCium Community, stay up to Date !

So excited at the app launch, can't wait to be fit, be fast, get paid ❤ #befasterfit

im very excited for this. thank you!