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Hello my friends :)
have you already looked at our website Tron-Europe and the individual projects? If not, then it's time :)
our first dapp is coming soon

Users can arrange “Private Challenges” and compete digitally against each other worldwide. Participants can bet on their victory either with the BeFasterCoin they have earned or with their national currency. The winner receives the stake of his opponent. The participation in the “Public Challenges” gives the users the possibility to receive vouchers and bonuses from the partners through their movements.

Local, regional, national and international retailers and service providers from the fitness, health, wellness and nutrition sector offer their vouchers and discounts in the “Public Challenges” we have set up for a limited time. Run for discounts and promotions at your favourite sports brands. Your gym and personal trainer

The BeUniverse comprises the entire system of motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Run and earn money, get fitter and healthier and save money on your shopping. You like to ride your bike and go swimming? Great! will also release a reward system for this.

The BFHT is still available. The BFHT is a special investor token. It determines the number of tokens held in relation to the total token supply. The BFHT has all the characteristics of a classic cryptocurrency with the special feature of a partial participation right. The investments are used for the ongoing development, production of the gadgets and worldwide marketing.

All BFHT owners participate in the success of 50% of the partial profits of the company are distributed to the BFHT holders (investors). So the more BFHT you have, the higher your quarterly distribution will be. This is recorded in the blockchain and can be easily tracked in the wallet.

3 ways of earning money:

via increasing profits from and therefore increasing distributions;
via increasing the value of the tradable BFHT;
distribution is made in cryptocurrency.
Special: BFHT holders receive a VIP status within the DApp

One of the main sources of income is the Challenge fee, which is 10% of the runners’ bet. Bets can be placed in local currency or BeFasterCoins. The sale of various skins, packages, gadgets and marketing items is another source of income. Finally, the BePartner individual fees, as well as the sales fee for BePartner articles, are an important source of income.

How can I buy BFHT?

Thanks to you my friends hope you like it :)

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i love it!thanks for sharing this.