Importance of consuming fruits

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My last two Mangos of the season

THE FRUITS. They are a very important source of vitamins, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, trace elements, soluble fiber, energy.
Every fruit has sugar, therefore every fruit is a CARBOHYDRATE. Every entry of sugar into the blood produces a greater or lesser insulin response so that the cells can use it as a source of energy. Glucose is a sugar that can be metabolized in any cell of our body. Fruits have FRUCTOSE and it is metabolized ONLY in the liver. This is why commercial products based on concentrated fructose produce fatty liver and insulin resistance.
The fruits with the highest GI are :
Patilla (74), Dates (70), Pineapple (66), Ripe Banana and Cambur (65), Raisins (65).
The more insulin a fruit induces, the more it is related to fattening.
Let's imagine that a cell can burn only 20 grams of sugar. When it eats cambur it will get 100 grams of sugar but it can only burn 20 grams. The remaining 80 grams (not burned by the cell) will be stored by the body in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscle deposits. But these depots are usually full, so the 80 grams of excess sugar will be converted into oil and deposited in the adipose tissue and...fatten you up. That is why excess sugars lead to obesity.

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