The rice and stew making expedient

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Hello everyone,

It another exciting moments i would love to share,it all about cooking. Mean while i am omebiro Clifford tochukwu known as smartcliff in the steemit blockchain.

Today i would want teach us or rather tell us on how i prepared stew for the white rice you saw above,however before i proceed let me tell us the nutritional value of what i have prepared.

Nutritional value of white rice and stew

  • carbohydrates
  • vitamin
  • protein
  • fat & oil
    So awsome i could say,that it a balanced diet because of the meat and crayfish that was used as a form of ingredients.


At this point i poured my granut oil inside the pot after ensuring that i have successfully slice all the slicing ingredients as the below pictures entai.

This is the view of my slice onion and and pepper as i wait for the oil to get heated while a grinding/blind the tomatoes as below pictures entails.

That is my blended tomatoes while i was waiting for the oil to get heated i blended it and ensure it been blind properly ,note to avoid quick and effective frying of the tomatoes,while blinding your tomatoes avoid adding too much water.👇
After blinding my tomatoes,i blended my crayfish from the photo below.


Below is the picture of the garlic and grinded crayfish.

I begin by frying my tomatoes to remove it sour taste the process should last for at least 20-30 dependent on the fire supply system your are using,when the tomatoes is well fried the oil comes up if you stop stirring with your spon.


My onion is inserted as well,as well as my sachet tomatoes.

The crayfish and garlic follows up after 1minute of inserting my sachet tomatoes.
Now i wellcome in my sachet spices to enhance the taste and fragrance though i dont advice that all the time,no one should depend on spices for delicious mail.


After that i stirred the stew for a while and then allow ot to boil.


At the end of all i insert my meat and stirred again before i allowed the meat and stew to blind in taste.


Seing all this amazing pictures my stew is due and ready for consumption,i have listed the nutritional value of the above mail,i did prepared rice but the essence of this post was to tell us how my stew was made.

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