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This afternoon was a lot more lazy than the other days and there was no work at hand which is why I tried so hard to enjoy the time because if I don't have work at hand on such a lazy afternoon, I feel very random.


Since I didn't go out, I was trying to do some small chores inside the house. Sometimes when I have time like this, I like to do housework because I try to keep myself connected with housework.


I went to the balcony with my baby and tried my best to spend time with him. Especially since there are some small trees I planted and I tried to take care of those trees. Because in it a different peace works inside oneself. Besides, I was trying to enjoy the beauty of these trees.


My baby is so small that he kept trying to catch the trees, and as soon as he grabbed the trees, he tore the leaves off the trees, so I kept pushing him away, I was working on my own, and he kept trying to stop me there was a good moment between us at that time.



The city used to have a lot of plants, but in the evolution of time, many of them are no more. But now people are trying to plant small trees on the balcony like themselves. Because it is very nice to see the environment of the house and the beauty of the balcony. In this case, I am grateful to my wife. Because I am grateful for her initiative. Due to her efforts many trees have been planted on my balcony .



After all, I had a good time this afternoon on my balcony with me and my baby because I spent a lot of time there and it seemed like we were in the middle of nature, our trees were growing very easily and we tried this is exactly how I spent my lazy time in the middle of nature on our balcony.

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Thank you for comforting us all with some of your Photography.

thanks for drop your kind words gentleman.

You had a good time on the balcony with Sayan Babu. I am very happy to see sayan babu. Good luck to you brother.

yah , you absolutely right brother. thanks for understand my feelings.