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Hello everyone. Long time no see. Life was going so hard during Covid-19 pandemic. As a internal medicine doctor, I was in frontline of fighting Covid-19 infection among my patients. You know, it was a great moment being the front person to help the patients. Yeah, I hope Covid-19 will be ease off soon.

In my day off, I roasted some corns in the backyard of my house. I took some pictures of them using my smartphone. I expect you may enjoy the pictures. As you’ve seen, they look so fresh and may be sweet taste. And yes, they are sweet corns.





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It has been edited. Thanks @shy-bot

I like it man,thanks fkr sharing with us,stay safe have a good day.

Thank you @nevlu123 :)

One of my favorite dishes is fried corn thanks brother for sharing

Shared some nice photography, I ate it once in my life and never ate it again.

Ini salah satu makanan favorite saya😁

Great, this must taste really good.

Hehe. Thank you @jasonmunapasee