Photography | The Dusk in Simpang Balek Village

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I am so grateful to live in Gayo Highlands in Aceh Province of Indonesia as I could enjoy amazing nature everyday. And I also love the cold air of the highland. A few days ago, I took some photos of the dusk milieu around Simpang Balek village. It was almost dark, but I found the sky was pretty amazing with beautiful clouds on it.

I really love to photograph nature, animals, plants and daily life activities. I could learn many things from taking the pictures as I have to dig more information about the objects I photographed.




Upon arriving in center of village, I found the sky becoming dark blue.



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Amazing view, nice landscape photo. Good job

Tanah Gayo memang mantul pemandangannya kawan
Juga Pengambilan gambar yang sangat bagus

Sometimes nature replaces its colour with beautiful shape and I think it is for us so that we can enjoy the beauty of nature. You have taken the time to frame the beauty of the nature with your wonderful photography when Nature was so cute and beautiful.

Your photography is very good, the ambiance of natural beauty is amazing, you have explained it well.

Thank you for interacting and sharing