Photography | Lichens on The Trunk of Tree

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I love nature, plants and animals. Today I am sharing with you some photos of lichens. I took the photos in my coffee farm, where some pine trees growing there. I found many lichens attached on the trunk of pine trees.

These lichens are called Foliose lichen, which is one of a variety of lichens. According to wikipedia, these lichens are complex organisms that arise from the symbiotic relationship between fungi and a photosynthetic partner, typically algae. This partnership allows lichen to live in diverse climates that can range from cold, dry mountains to wet, warm valleys.

It’s so true as I live in Gayo Highlands that has cold weather. And we may found here that almost all the year is raining. The rainy season is much longer than dry season here. That’s probably the cause that lichens could grow massively here.

I took the photos with my smartphone. They are not really perfect yet. I need to try to shot better photos in the future.








CameraIphone 12 Pro Max
CategoryPlant Photography
LocationGayo Highlands
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I am seeing this type of plant first time. Can we called it herb.

Yup. The plant is actually a combination of fungi and algae, which is also called as moss. But, I have no idea id the plant has some benefit for health or not. We need to search more about it :)