Photography | Coffee Fruits

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Do you love drinking coffee? I am pretty sure most of you like to drink coffee one or two cups a day. Here I share with you some photos of coffee fruits. I took the photos in my own coffee farm. I stay in Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The coffee I share here is arabica variety. Arabica coffee grow in the highlands.

Harvest time will be coming shortly. We will start harvesting in mid October, and the peak season would be in December and January.





CameraIphone 12 Pro Max
CategoryPlant Photography
LocationGayo Highlands
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Gambarnya bagus bnget, terus ber kreatif ,Kopi pilihan rasanya begitu nikmat

I never saw coffee fruits before. It was great to see these fruits. Thanks for sharing

  ·  last year (edited)

That nice to see a coffee fruits. Try to get the best angle to show up your object.

Thank you. I would try to practice best photograph more and more in the future.. :)

Coffee Fruits I have never seen before, first seen through your post. Coffee Fruits are really nice to look at and interesting. Ripe fruits look more beautiful. Thanks.