Beauty of Creativity-Village and sky color

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Hi everyone,

it's been a long time in the rainy season, but that doesn't dampen the desire to find some content. to be honest in how many days I can't travel because of the heavy rain and in some places affected by the flood. for creativity in photography I have to keep going as usual which I do every day.

Here I have some leftovers from my old collection, with a slightly natural sky color theme. In this case I'm not too dominant in the edit because the weather is so way that I can see the colors clearly. tonight i have to increase the light of some photos i want to take to make them look the same as some of the other pictures., here are 3 different villages. of all for you to take after the harvest season.

Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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Thank you for sharing the story of your day here with us.

Thank you so much Brada

All the pictures you show look very beautiful, my friend, thank you very much for sharing

Thank you so much my friend

you're welcome

You captured stunning nature images and this place is so beautiful.

Thank you so much brother

How are you brother, I hope you are well, your natural photography has been great. In a word, extraordinary. We sincerely wish you from the bottom of your heart for sharing such a beautiful post with us.

Am good, and you how are you buddy??

Thank you so much for appreciation 🙏😊

What a great photography of your village areas, I really appreciate your photography,every picture looking very nice, thanks for sharing your beautiful day happy dear.

Thank you so much brother

Really beautiful photographs.

Very beautiful
Wonderful colour Photography of your cute village
I appreciate your photography
Specially blue sky looking so sweet

Thank you so much brother

Nice streetphotography

Excellent work my man !

Thank you

Amazing clicks!

very good picture brother, I like the appearance of your picture from various posts

All the photos look very good, but I really liked photo 3, the contrast between the blue sky and the green of the ground. Greetings.

Wow this is a very beautiful place, you take pictures perfectly, as if to bring the atmosphere to my live, outstanding.

I love your every post and excellent Photography

Nature posed again for you to expose such beautiful photos. Thank you, greetings.

Rows of trees on both sides of the road in the middle of the road looks amazing. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful photography gift.