Beauty of Creativity-smaal flower (Cinematic Mode)

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Hi photography lovers

There are always small adventures in the story of photography, this makes it easier for us to always be side by side with something we love even in the rainy season.,There are several characters that we look for in an object, but it depends on our taste and choice of feeling to start shooting through the lens. smartphones. The mood will bring all into the colors we seek..

I found a small flower growing on the cliff, purple and white color combination, at first glance looks like an orchid. However, the character of the stem is softer and breaks easily. For its very small size, it had to take several failed shots because it did not use an additional lens. for editing, I reduced the brightness and added moisture and softness in Cinematic.


Original Picture By @nazarul

1642592792410 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul

1642592983935 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul

1642599013171 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul

1642598958351 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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There is no comparison to your photography. You are actually a real photographer. There was love.

very good photography i like it.

There is no comparison to your photography. The better I look, the better

Your photography is very beautiful. Good luck.

I was fascinated by the beautiful photography. In fact, I really like each of your photography.

Every photography has been so beautiful. He did the photography very skillfully. Love for you

Wonderful photography I like your posted Photography

very good picture brother, I like the appearance of your picture from various posts

Just beautiful 😍

Thank you for sharing this nice photography with us.

Very good photo, I liked the purple gradient effect that it has from the center to the outside of the petals.