Beauty of Creativity-playing between the foothills and the river

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this is the story of an afternoon walk with my friends on the bank of a river in a village, we are among the corn fields at the foot of the hill there can see to the left and right the vast expanse of green plants spread out before our eyes. the purpose is just to find some more fun photography material with my friends.

I took some pictures of the hills and also focused on, for the trees I reduced the light green or more to the cinematic and moss colors. the goal is only to separate the color of the cloud sky and the basic color of nature itself. the clouds that look so bright and reduce a bit of the blue that belongs to the semi-candy color. I actually changed the original color signal, but so that it doesn't look tacky, the softness of the color adjustment is very important


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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Every moment spent with friends is an invaluable gift of life because the moment that has passed once does not return again. Kamal has done photography in his village.

happy to always be with friends to find the best moments..

Thank you so much brother

Photo with a harmonious atmosphere, very cool bro

Spectacular photos, beautiful landscapes, Creation inspires. Thank you for showing your magnificent beauty through photos.

Thank you so much brother

You have taken a great photography of your village bitween your lovely friend on hills.i really liked your photography God bless you and your family.

Thank you so much my friend

The time you spent with the mountains and the river is truly wonderful.

Thank you so much brother

Clear sky and beautiful landscape,together it is gorgeous.

Thank you