Beauty of Creativity-just thinking😁

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Hi everyone.

Today may be a little discussion with the mind or just a poem. There's nothing complicated in a Tough day, it's a picture that clearly shows in the line of thought, and I think everything would be perfect in any current situation. Yes I have some illustration pictures that I took on an old floor (Broken glass).

In many ways there will be many that are born or passed like smooth glass that will break in the sun, but a sparkle will be seen occasionally between the Leaves that cover the air and its light, how do you think to stay fresh in a thousand cracks,??. this is only a shield behind the pain, sometimes we will laugh after the light is dim and will be back tomorrow morning with the drops of water that fall before dawn.


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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You have adopted a very unique style in today's post. You are showing excellent performance. I salute your hard work.

Yes Brada, thank you so much 😊

Yes, everything would be perfect in any situation depending on the mental attitude. In a rubble you can see the shine of broken glass with which we recreate ourselves through the reflection of light. Hence the importance of mental hygiene, which allows us to shine through life in the midst of darkness. Greetings.

Yes my friend..I totally agree with that. thank you so much

very good picture brother, I like the appearance of your picture from various posts

Thank you so much

It's a creative idea, shards into beautiful of art

Thank you Broder

The broken pieces of glass look amazing in the fallen leaves.Thank you for giving us such a beautiful photography.

Yea, thank you so much buddy

without air and light, he will fade, even he can no longer see himself, let alone to reflect other faces, the longer he will be more and more covered, leaves and forgotten, don't close yourself, show a reflection of us, so that we can always give a bright light. good

Yap very cool, sometimes I always want to write poetry brother hehe

Yes...I think writing poetry is necessary, it can make the imagination in our minds unfold

What a great pictures, I really appreciate your pictures of unique style, thanks for sharing your beautiful day activities.. be happy 😊

Thank you so much

Most welcome dear friend, be happy 😁

You are showing cool photography again.