Beauty of Creativity-cup flower buds (Black and Cinematic Mode)

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There are some pictures that I captured yesterday, these are the flowers I posted in my previous post (cup flowers). the only difference is that it is still in the form of a bud and the petals are red, basically a cup flower that has not yet developed and is too young to not have feathers or anything, we have several versions of this flower.

For packaging, I still choose cinematic, there is a story that is depicted in every object that I take. if we take the cup-shaped, of course it is more beautiful, but we will play with red buds and clusters of hearts, here are some that I took in different positions.
1642309925765 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

1642309838823 (1).jpg

Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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You highlight the picture very nicely

Bunga yang cantik sekali dalam bingkai foto nya, terimakasih @nazarul (72)

Hello brother@nazarul.
The photo you show is really amazing 👍

Truly beautiful flowers. Greetings.

Very pretty flowers, I really liked the drops of water on their petals.

very good picture brother, I like the appearance of your picture from various posts

Wao such a great Photography of beautiful flowers

Thank you for sharing this beautiful variety of flower. Greetings.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful picture clicked with us

Awesome, its crazy art. Good job bro

You always show great photography.