Beauty of Creativity-Creativity-wild flower (Cinematic Mode)

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Hi everyone

I'm back in semi-Macro content.. glad to be in the theme and category I chose. I honestly don't know what kind of plant this is, I saw this flower growing vines in low trees, but I'm also not sure about age and certainly this flower doesn't last long.

The choice of background is of course Cinematic or dark mode, because the original color is light purple and looks bright. to support the background i reduce the original light by about 60% and it will be a little darker, and once the image is in 80% editing i give it a backing light via the smartphone's built-in app.. this is a great way to use artificial light by replacing the original light which is too bright and not good.

Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul


Original Picture By @nazarul

📷 PictureSmartphone
ModelVivo X60 pro
Oringinal Picture@Nazarul


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So cool man, great job

very good picture brother, I like the appearance of your picture from various posts

You highlight a nice photography.thank you

Thank you so much brother

The photography of 2022 has further improved as compared to 2021. I salute your hard work

Thank you so much

This is new to me,never seen it before.

it looks like long bean flower, your shot is very charming bro.