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Hello Guys!

Greetings from @fahad3728 to all members. Hope you're all well and having a great day. By the Grace of God I'm also fine. Today I am back with some macro shots of a insect called common striped woodlouse. Its scientific name is Philoscia muscorum. Its size was about 6-7mm in length.
I discovered it in fields near a water stream. It was sitting on a leaf. It is very fast and clever insect. I have seen it many times before but did not get a chance to take a picture of it. This time i again tried to take some shots of it. It was sitting calmly on that leaf and was not moving. Therefore i managed to get some decent shots of it. I photographed it from different angles so you can see its body structure well. It has several legs and its hard to tell its front side. I think it can move both sides. It has little antennae on its front side which shows that its face will be on this side. I don't know if its harmful to humans or not. But I took great care in picturing it.
After clicking it i searched about it on Google lens to find out its name. Then I did some editing to its pictures with the help of a software to make them more attractive. Now I'm going to share its pictures with you guys. Hope you like it.






CameraPoco Phone
LensMacro Mobile lens
Editing SoftwareLightroom

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Thank you for such a nice comment.

wow...this macro photography of insects is very beautiful, all the pictures you share are very detailed. You always have good work. Good luck to you mate

Thank you so much

You're welcome buddy

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These insects live especially in trees, you have done a lot of great macro photography of the insects.

Thank you

It looks like the insects are very dangerous You took very good pictures have a nice day

Thank you very much.

small animals, the pictures are very detailed...👍📸

Thank you..

This is a great micro photos. You have done a great job. Thank you for sharing such a good photo

Thank you.