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Hi all of my friends of BOC community.I think all are doing fantastic.The winter is coming in my area and now I am feeling slight cold.It is very nice to me.Today I am interested to share some photography which I captured many days ago.It is a random photography.And these photos were taken in different time.


Spike ball fruit

Taken by Nikon Camera

BoC- linet.png

I am not a photographer but I love to capture photos very much.So I called myself a clicker.I love to click all kinds of photography but nature photography is my first preference.

My first photography is a wild fruit and I took it many days ago.The fruit is very beautiful but not edible for human.It is a gold brick.I wanted to try it but my friend who went with me said not to do that.Because it may have poison in the fruit.So I agreed with my.

Then we was walking around the area and do some more photography.The boy was seen trying to climb the brick wall was my junior friend Chinmoy.He is a photography lover.


Wild fruit

Taken by Nikon Camera

BoC- linet.png

The second photo is called Kangra (local name) in my area.It has spikes all over the fruit.In my childhood we collected it and threw it on the hair of girls and women.It was a fun for us that time but now I can understand it is one kind of offence.But I think it is not offence at the early age of a human.So it is really a funny act.So girls and women felt irritated but never scolded us.The people of village is really very cordial and open minded.


The boy
Taken by Nikon Camera





So friend not more today.I wish all the best for everyone.Have a nice dream.

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Nature is the most beautiful place my friend,I totally agree with what you are saying here,life in the village is very comfortable .
I also remember the thorny fruit you shared,The story is almost the same when I was a kid.We also always joke about the fruit and throw it in a friend's hair,Be it a girl or a boy friend.
Remembering that childhood is really very beautiful.

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A very beautiful story from childhood and very funny, everyone must have experienced funny moments in childhood including myself. Even if you are not a photographer you are already showing beautiful pictures. Thank you very much for sharing.

Nail fruit, I've very rarely seen that in our area

I really agree with you my beloved friend, childhood is the most beautiful time and will be a memory in old times now, sometimes we want to go back to that time.

Coot shots...I like it

feels fresh !

Some beauty and creativity in the form of photography capture. thank you very much for sharing