Daily Curation Report | Beauty of Creativity | 06-04-2022

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Hi everyone!
Now, our daily curation report publishing series is going on very perfectly. Delegate more and more SP and get extra support from our community curators. Our community is growing very well, a lot of new people are joining us. To support large numbers of quality contents, we need to support @beautycreativity account with love, sincerity and delegation. BoC Community Curators give the first priority to quality content. Plagiarism and low quality content will mute and not get any kind of support from the community. We just support the quality and creative content of delegator.


Curation Report


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Delegate to @beautycreativity

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Join our discord server and engage with other BoC members. Discord Server.

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Our Curators are: @royalmacro , @photoman , @curators , @blacks , @beautycreativity

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Thank you for returning to posting a report today.

There was actually a very nice report thanks for sharing

Made a very nice report. In fact, I would love to see your name in the report. I hope to see your name soon. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful report.

I had upload 5 to 6 quality content but not upvoted so that I left to upload here.

I try and do everything according to the rules of the community. Even after posting well for the last seven days, I still can't get support.