Watercolor illustration - pots painting

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Greetings to all the members of this community. How are you? I hope you are healthy and are enjoying life.

well... as we know winters are already here, and I like to drink coffee in the sunlight on these cold days.

Today was a holiday again. While drinking coffee, I decided to make paintings of pots. I want to enhance my skills in watercolor and pencils work (usually I work with acrylic colors), whenever I got a chance I take my brushers and I continue to practice because practice makes us better.
This painting is an imagination.

I just tried to make glass pots having big leaves in them. The process is very small. I use a wet-on-dry scheme for this painting. I don't know why I found it difficult but still I want to continue in this media.


SO, let's keep things aside and I want to show the process of this drawing

Type of artwork

Watercolor illustraion

Material Used

1). Watercolors
2). Drawing sheet
3). Brush


First I drew pots with pencil

second step was to paint these with colors by using wet on dry scheme.



Thank you so much for watching this.

Let me know do you like it or not?. Feel free to share your views about this in the comment section. I will be glad to reply them all.
Some more paintings are on the way. See you soon Fam.......

WITH A LOT OF LOVE BY @artxharpreet


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Your painting is very beautiful.

Thank you so much 。◕‿◕。

Beautiful painting, thank you for sharing your painting with us here.

Thank you my friend. Soon more drawings (◠‿◕)

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I have to upload an introduction post in this community ?. where i can read the rules?.

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