Small Contest #2 from the User Activity Rating Club (Total Prize Fund: 60 STEEM)

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Small Contest #2.png

You can see Small Contest #1 here:

And results:

Today I want to invite you to new contest. He will look like to the previous one.

Consists of writing small reviews on other posts. In other words, read the post of another participant and in your post write your thoughts, impressions, ideas about what you read.


  1. Any language.
  2. Any community.
  3. The number of words is not less than 300 words.
  4. Please RESTEEM this post.
  5. Please add link to your post in the comment below this post.
  6. Please add URL of this post in the 7. competition entry.

Prize Fund:

1 Place 30 STEEM
2nd Place 20 STEEM
3rd place 10 STEEM

Until July 29.
Awarding of winners on July 30.

Thank you!

I also invite you to the User Activity Rating Club:

Thank you for your attention.


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I tried pasting my entry link here but I was told it is hidden due to low ratings. Please can you kindly check it up for me in my blog @alexmove..... Link

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  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you sir. I really appreciate your effort

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Thank you!

Hi, @alexmove.witness
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Thanks a lot @alexmove.witness for this contest. I have taken part and my link is below

my entry link

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