Results of Small Contest #2

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Hi all!
Today is July 30, and it's time to take results of Small Contest #2. Description link here:

Consists of writing small reviews on other posts. In other words, read the post of another participant and in your post write your thoughts, impressions, ideas about what you read.

Prize Fund:

1 Place 30 STEEM
2nd Place 20 STEEM
3rd place 10 STEEM

Works submitted:

Thank you, 5 works for the contest.

I carefully studied the works, I paid attention to the visual beauty, originality of the content, the size of the post, the presence of illustrations, the number of posts reviewed, the semantic content of the post, the involvement of readers (the number of comments under the post).

First place: @ngoenyi

Second place: @ishayachris

Third place: @madilyn02

Thank you for participating!
Congratulations to the winners. In the comments I will post a screenshot of sending prizes. Thanks again.

Thank you for your attention, there will be new competitions in the near future.
Have a good day!

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Thank you so much for the prize, I appreciate your support

Thank you too!

Hi, @alexmove.witness
Make an introduction post in the community to get yourself labeled as Verified Member.

Make sure you add a verification picture in your introduction post

Verification Picture:

Take a selfie while holding a page written Beauty of Creativity with the date and your Steemit username

for more information join us on Discord

It's an automated message, If you already created an introduction post then you can ignore it. Thank You

In the comments I will post a screenshot of sending prizes. Thanks again.


Thanks a lot @alexmove.witness, for the prize. I have received it. I appreciate

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Thank you so much for your effort towards seeing the progress of this platform sir. I'm really grateful

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You got a 85.00% upvote from @dkpromoter!

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