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Happy Saturday night everyone. As usual, I am coming up with some random photos of the insects. Since I was engaged in photography, I mostly used my spare time to hunt the nature objects which I usually dealt with the insect. In doing so, I had to go the bush spots to find these such creatures.

I had a good time chasing and waiting for the insects came to show themselves. With no further ado, here are some random photos of the insects that were taken a few days ago.

Since macrophotography is included as the skillful photoshoot, many photography enthusiasts used this chance to look for these insects that are made to look bigger through the macro lens. Each of the following insect was found in different spot and time. It is good to see them in variety of colour and shape.






LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens
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Amazing Photography Your photography is great.

Together we can rebuild.🌱💪 We have resteem this.🛡♻

I really like your photography the more I see it, best wishes.

Cool photography.
All the insects you show are very nice

Wow fascinated photography. Keep it up.