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Another interesting subject that I found this afternoon was the headshot of dragonfly that was standing on the leaf. To get their pics, I had to be patient because during the hot day, this winged insect moved quite a lot which gave me hard time to get a shot. I did not mind to wait longer as I understood, catching them means I had to challenge myself with patience. Soon, they made a quick stop, I was ready to focus on them in quick way. More they challenged me, more I wanted to shoot. I could not ignore them just like that, I must get some shots no matter what. What I am trying to say, nature is the space of beauty and provides us its best thing for our life.

A reason why nature also encourage me to get deeply involved with it. Sure thing, we often find a lot of winged insects flying here and there, but we rarely get closer with them, even we merely ignore them. So, today, I would like to show you some pics of green clearwing dragonflies that I found in different spots during the hunting hour. We surely often find this typical dragonfly around us.

This dragonfly is one of the easy-found flying insects that frequently invited us to take shots, that what I did when I spotted it standing still on the dried grass. I managed to take the pictures with smartphone plus external macro to get the front part of this dragonfly. Dragonfly belongs to the order Odonata, which refers to the characteristic of the wings ( the hindwing is broader than the forewing). Among many dragonflies, this dragonfly is classified into one of the giant dragonflies that have large wings and body.






LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens
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