A chemotherapy missile made of DNA!

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The world is advancing at an unbelivable pace.
If you don't believe me just look at where we were 100 years ago.

Blast from the past!


But, today's story comes from massivesci.com.


Full story.

Shi En Kim
Molecular Engineering and Materials Science
University of Chicago

DNA is the repository for genetic information.
We’ve been tinkering with it since the 1970s, trying to alter the characteristics of organisms in a single generation, like boosting crop resistance to insect pests or even making pigs glow.
Only recently have researchers popularized DNA as something else: a construction material.
Earlier this year, researchers assembled an intelligent and autonomous nanostructure entirely out of DNA that delivered and released a cancer drug.

Cancer drugs are good at killing cancer cells, but they hurt healthy cells too.
By concealing the drug, like a tiny sword, in a nano-sheath made from DNA, the researchers have made a secure, selective, and precise carrier for medication, thanks to DNA’s unique properties.


When it wanders into the vicinity of cancer cells, the anticancer drug is unleashed once and for all

“DNA offers nanometer-scale control on positioning other materials,” says Ned Seeman, the scientist who founded the field of DNA nanotechnology in the early 1980s.
The key lies in DNA’s sequence-determined stickiness: “[No other material platform] is so predictable.”

Full story.

As you can see the science has surpassed the majority of our public educations.

You think you know, but you really don't.

I mean, if you don't know, then how can you know that you don't know, you would know, if you knew.

It is a flat impossibility for you to know what you don't know, and that you don't know it.


Your authoritarians lied to you.
They lied to us, too.
But, we had the good sense to run with the new data rather than withdraw to our individual cells and flashylight boxes.

It's almost time to throw rocks at cops!
Prepare yourself!


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