The heart is a fickle little thing

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The heart is a fickle little thing.

Its mysterious ways often leave people wondering

the ‘why’ of specific feelings.

I was never meant to fall for you.

But my heart decided to jump off the cliff

into the abyss of uncertainties associated with love.

All the while my head begged me

to climb back up into the light.

The struggle between the brain and

the heart will forever be present,

but you made reaching a compromise

between the two seem impossible.

I was never meant to feel this way.

Except when I saw the sparkle in your eyes

when you smiled at me,

I knew I was in trouble.

That sparkle is still there even today.

It shows itself as bright as ever when you look at her.

Perhaps I was too selfish to

believe it was meant to be mine only.

But how can I tell you all this

when you grin so beautifully at the sight of her?

When you’ve moved on?

When you seem so happy?

Instead I’ll be here,

picking up the pieces of the heart you left behind.

Watching you from a distance,

happier than ever.

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