VEGETABLES. Part 1 what are vegetables.introduction

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Hello steemit nursery today let us discuss on one cool topic


what are vegetables?
I would like us to start by asking ourselves some few questions.

  • What are vegetables
  • What type of vegetables do I know
  • What are the advantages of having vegetables in our environment.

Well honestly these questions are for self evaluation on what general knowledge do we have on vegetables.

Actauly let's start by definition.

What are vegetables.?

Vegetables are parts of a plant that are usually consumed by humans all other animals all over the world this part. This part can either be the root of the plant as we have the case of potatoes or the plant itself like cabbage or even the leaves for instance bitter herbs known in some parts of the world as bitter leaves.

Well vegetables are mostly consumed on daily basis in most regions of the world due to the availability of a variety of the various species available worldwide
In our next part we would talk about the types of vegetables..

Hope u get the introduction and wait for our next drill which would come soon..
Pls don't dare to miss.
Read through band wait for part 2🤝🤝


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Yessoh baba!🎊
Lookin’ forward for d part two to see the various types!

Great write up boss