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Types of vegetables.

Greetings steemit family
Once am again am happy and pleased to be part of this community
Today we continue with our part two on our talk on vegetables.

We all at some points bin out life made preferences on which vegetables we would love to consume.
Notwithstanding which ever u chooses is usauly based on personal judgement.
Well actually our priority today will be on the types of vegetables ..

  • Vegetables are classified based on what part is consumed.

    That is what part of the plant is consumed or eatable as vegetable or food.

We can start by saying Vegetables are generally classified as which part of the plant is eaten. Plants generally have various parts as such we can see that roots the steem the leaves and the fruits.

  • Vegetables classified according to leaves here we have Vegetables which just the leaves are consumed. cabbage, lettuce and Brussels sprouts are some examples of this type.
  • Vegetables classified according to roots. As for this we have Vegetables which
    The roots

    that is the part which grows underground is being consumed.

Some typical examples are tubers like potatoes and yam,carrots and onions.

We also have Vegetables classified as fruit vegetable. This one is usauly one of the most common types of vegetables. It usauly grows as a fruit on a plant. Usauly the most common is 🍅 tomatoes. We also have other examples like cucumber, melon, eggplant, pumpkin.

Fungi. Some Vegetables can also b classified as fungi. We have
Button white and swiss white
When talking about fungi Vegetables are usauly referring to mushroom.

Also some vegetables the steem as well serve as food.there are not many but a few examples are celery and Kohlrabi
...that's all I got for u today please keep on reading and learn more about vegetables.

Thanks for going through

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