Importance of physical health and Emotional help

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What is health

Let us start by looking at health before going to either physical or emotional health.
Health refers to the well being of an individual.
Individual. health could either be physical or emotional.
Let us begin by talking about physical health.

  • Physical health is the health aspect in which people are much more aware of. It is a defficiencies in the human body which is easily noticed because the are usually clear and obvious. At times we tend to concentrate only on our physical health.
    Normally care is given to physical pain usaully because it causes more pain and physical unrest as a result we usauly tend to pay more attention to it because of the pain for instance fellow steemians imagine having a twisted anckle.

  • Moving on let's talk about Emotional health.This is health which is more complex as little attention is given to it mostly because we can't see it we mostly feel it and as a result tend to just ignore or neglect it.
    People at times usauly suffer from emotional health which can cause mental health issues or which can lead to physical health as well for instance headache as a result of over thinking. One of the most known emotional health condition is stress and as such people tend to be less forcused on this aspect of our health condition.
    Most often, emotional health condition can lead to expenditure,death and even physical health challenges. As such people are required to avoid over thinking so as to prevent them from suffering from this.

Inorder to avoid all this alot of precautions can be taken.

Visit health personnel frequently.
Try to live a healthy and responsible life In terms of diet and habits.
Respect advise given by health personnel.

Health issues are very scary when we consider looking at certain personal cases but card should be taken so as to prevent us from being victims of such.


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