A little talk on conserving nature.introduction part 1

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What is nature: Nature as we all know is something man had done nothing to have it.
A rock,trees in the forest,Water on the sea,sand.
All of this are natural features which man has done nothing to have them.

Types of natural resources.

Natural features can be classified under different categories but since we are talking about conservation of this resources we would need to classified them as renewable and non renewable natural resources.

Renewable resources are those resources which can be recycled if they are axhuasted.For instance boigas
Non renewal resources are those which cannot be recycled when exploited for instance petroleum products natural deposits like gold and diamond.

Conserving natural resource is really really important and I would love and hope more people join me in the fight against over exploitation of products.
More and more resources are being exploited dialy ad people are constantly demanding fo this resources either for private use or economic use.

  • The UNO helped with global warming and International organization like Common wealth are currently battling with over exploitation of this resources and are urging companies to try prevent the habit of over exploiting this resources. One of the main reasons for conservation of this resources is because of negative impacts which it has on the natural environment.for instance trees when explioted for wood and timber can lead to climate change which affects the atmosphere. Affecting climate change,and the greenhouse gases.
    Other resources which are mostly deposits like gold and diamond when over explioted affect the natural environment in terms of soil depletion and degrading.

Stay tuned and continue to get information on natural resources.



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Nature is really beautiful.
Natural Resources, are key to our survival.
Thanks for sharing.

@edmund.nef ur absolutely right

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