"Steemit Nursery Contest | My Favourite Author - [@oppongk]" by @salifumohammed.

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My greetings goes to everyone in the community and the entire blockchain. How are we all doing? I hope we are all fine. Alhamdulillah. It is yet another interesting contest that is about your favorite author, and I want to share my opinion to that.


I read a lot of writings from different authors. And every author gets his or her style of writing and how they present it for those who are going to read it.
And when there are two or more writings, definitely you will like one over the other. To me, liking someone's writing will make you follow him or her to always get the content him or her creates. Upon reading contents from different authors,the author who always catch my attention when ever he writes is @oppongk.

The post that caught my attention by my favorite author was

"The community must be built with:Love, Teamwork, Passion and More Dedication".

Since I joined,I read several posts from different authors,but among all,I feel inspired when reading @oppongk's post. He is one of the country reps in @steemghana community including @njaywan and @nattybongo and some steemians (@juzkid, @awuahbenjamin and others) who also help others in the community.

I read posts from @tarpan. He is also a steemian who I found interesting in reading his post. He even bring out contest day in day out, and I am honored to him for always there for us. The markdowns, orderly presentations and he also help others in order for them to come out with good contents.

I have being inspired by @oppongk due to the quality contents he keeps feeding the blockchain. It inspired me to always learn and keep trying so that one day,I can also come out with good contents like him and also inspired others.
I feel calm when ever am reading his post, because I also want to be like him or even more than him since he inspired me.

I want to thank everyone and also a special one to @bright-obias for the wonderful mindset in bringing out this contest.

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Es bueno siempre tener inspiracion por alguien a la hora de escribir.