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St. Paul's Cathedral, London, taken on black and white film.

I got one of those blue bars informing me that Communities was being rolled out on Steemit. I noticed the changes on my page, so I had a quick look around and noticed quite a few communities have been created already. While exploring them, I noticed the blue bar had changed to "Communities are live!". I figured I'd give it a go and create one myself.

So here we are, the #London community.

Where else can I post about, but the great city I live in. Feel free to jump in and participate. I feel this is going to be one of the most vibrant communities on Steemit. Hopefully soon we will be able to revive our London Steemian meetings as well. Those were great fun.

You obviously don't have to live here to join, but the posts do have to be relevant to London. I think that's the whole point of the communities function right? I'm just happy to see new things happening on Steemit and I'm here to encourage it. I look forward to reading your posts.



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when i see London, my mind goes to London, Ontario, Canada which is the only London that matters to me ... imagine seeing that described as the Centre of the World LMAO


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Yeah..Ain't that the truth. You can take a Londoner out of London but you cannot take the London out of a Londoner.

Hi @adetorrent - great idea. I'm bit out of range.

Have you had any contact with this person @steemlondon - this is his other account I believe ... @kgakakillerg

I haven't. I think there was a meetup attempted some months ago but nothing materialised.

I've been mad busy I will try set something up again soon

Thanks for the mention

Are you still interested in doing a meetup? @kgakakillerg

Yes but at a later date I've been really busy working on another project

Great idea :)

Thanks. Hope it takes off :)

How do I join? I can't see it in the list.

You have to search for it since it doesn't have any "trending" posts yet. Or
Here's the direct link.

Ah, found it :)

can you imagine if all the towns, cities, villages of the world were on steem? that would be something! micro grids powered by a local token, you could exchange tokens with the next village/town over.. . ;)

PS: Why are you being Steemcleaned?

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How sad.
Thankfully both bot's have a lower rep than you, so they can't damage your account.. It's quite annoying though I can imagine.

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Am I close enough to be allowed in? We need some London meetups this year. It's been a while.

Always welcome for a pint. We just need to organise our crap better to do it! ;)

You're an honorary Londoner haha

Gorblimey guvnor, you're a proper gent!

yeh Im in! Lets have a meetup sometime!