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Hi steemit friends!!

How are you all? A blessed day for all of us, today I will discuss about fever-reducing syrup, it is common for children to often experience fever. Sometimes we as parents feel anxious about the condition of fever in children, there are many causes of fever in children including: 1. Pain suffered by children will cause fever, such as toothache, muscle and joint pain, and dyspepsia. 2. attacks of bacteria and germs, and other infections, which can trigger a fever.

Is a normal condition, where the body's antibodies / immunity play a role against attacks from bacteria, germs and viruses.

To anticipate the fever, for parents who have children under 10 years old, it is better to provide fever-reducing syrup at home, so that when an acute fever strikes, they can immediately get first aid.

sanmol syrup

Here I introduce sanmol syrup as a fever reducer which is very effective and fast. This syrup has analgesic and antipyretic properties, namely reducing fever and relieving pain, both mild to moderate pain, and is very effective in bone and tooth pain as well as in headache state.

Sanmol / paracetamol is a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that have analgesic (pain relief) and antipyretic (reducing fever) effects. in the hypothalamus by suppressing the nerve stimulation that causes fever.

Dosagesanmol syrup
1-2 yearsa day 3-4 times 2.5 ml
3-7 years5 ml 3-4 times a day
8-12 years3-4 times a day 10ml
Adult3-4 times a day 500 mg tablets

Every drug administration must be very careful, you must be careful in dosage, and also you must check the expiration date of the drug, and you must read the indications, contra indications, side effects, and drug interactions. If for 3 days the pain does not go away and for 5 days the fever does not go away. missing immediately contact the health service unit and doctor.

Medicine is poison!!
Which in certain doses can heal!

Why did I take the topic of discussion about fever-reducing syrup? Because I saw that in the past week there were a lot of pediatric patients with almost the same diagnosis, namely fever.
I hope this discussion can be knowledge for myself and for other steemit friends!

Your recovery is our priority

thank you for everything

Thank you for coming🙏



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