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🐟 Sea Life - Aquarium Trip 🐟

Various aquariums and different kinds of sea creatures. Sharks, octopuses, turtles and more.


Hello to everyone who wants to visit the aquarium the size of a football field,

We have small aquariums made of glass in our homes. But the size of the aquarium that we will visit with you today is almost as big as a football field. Sea Life Company is a big company that makes these aquariums. I have never seen such a large aquarium before and I had never been.

Today, we will see many kinds of fish and different sea creatures that we have not seen before in this aquarium. When I enter here, we pass through a glass-enclosed aquarium tunnel. Our journey under the sea begins. We are lucky to dive without the need for an oxygen cylinder. 😊



Sea Life Istanbul - W3W Address - Google Maps

At the entrance, a general information sign about this place welcomes us. He mentions that there are 51 exhibition tanks here, containing 5 million liters of water. It also informs that there are approximately 15,000 sea creatures in 500 species. With this article, we understand how huge a place it is.

Sea life Aquarium entrance fees
-Turkish PriceSteem Price
Adult145 TL28.5 Steem
Child120 TL22.5 Steem

Closed aquariums with large glasses attract our attention at the entrance. Thousands of fish are exhibiting themselves in the clear water. Everyone who came here to see them is as excited as we are. As memories, we capture their unique beauties with the camera.


The deep blue waters of the ocean and the fishes swarming in it. In general, they all look like a team. They move to the right and to the left at the same time.

Those who have an aquarium at home know. Feeding fish in an aquarium is actually very difficult. Aquarium cleaning is even more difficult than feeding fish. That's why I'm very curious how they clean these aquariums. My guess is that many diving teams work here during the hours when the aquarium is closed. But I don't know, it's not an easy job.


I wanted to take a photo by an aquarium that I saw here. You can see a large ship anchor in the aquarium. It is used to fix the ship motionless on the sea.

It is usually dark inside during the tour. Because the lighting in the aquarium is sufficient for us. It also makes the aquarium stand out.


Here we can see many kinds of aquariums like these aquariums. Each of them has been prepared with great care and has fish of unique beauty inside. With the roller aquarium, you can follow the fish and go around the aquarium with them.

Different kinds of sea creatures

I mentioned that there are 500 species of sea creatures inside. I will share a few of them with you. It makes us feel very lucky to see these creatures, which are impossible to see in the sea or the ocean, here.

Colorful fish live together here. Orange colored fish are closer to each other than other fish.

Orange fish

Octopuses, which have a very flexible structure, show themselves here. The rough in front of him has made a nest. I was lucky because when I went there, he came out of the place and showed himself to me. The arms of this creature are so flexible that you will be surprised to see it.

Flexible Octopus

You may have encountered jellyfish. I encounter jellyfish in some of the seas I swim in. These are the harmless ones. Harmful ones have a dark color on the body part.

Here we can see that they are very transparent with the effect of lighting. These creatures seem quite different to me. Because compared to others, I can't see eyes, arms or any part of it.

Transparent Jellyfish

Large stingrays also roam here. The pattern and symmetry on it caught my attention. It glides through the water with its tails and wings.


Patterned Stingray

There are also sea turtle houses here. You can also see large turtles and their young. They put a number on the shell of every pup here. I don't know clearly why. But baby sea turtles look very cute.


baby sea turtles

I left the liveliest and scariest sea creature here for last. There is a fast moving shark inside a large aquarium tunnel. This shark, which was quite large, was wandering here very nervously.


Angry shark

It was difficult to capture him while he was photographed. But I took a picture of him anyway and I'm still alive. I would not want to encounter such a creature in the sea. 😊

He passed in front of us with his big size, frightening teeth and eyes that were constantly looking for prey.


It's been a very good day for me. I love these trips. It is very educational and instructive for me. I see beauty that I have never seen before.

With this sharing, you see these beauties and I am happy about it. I hope it was an enjoyable trip. Your comments and support are important to me. See you in the next post.

A quick note I'm adding my 2nd dolphin to my aquarium soon. 😊🐬🐬

Stay Healthy. Goodbye.


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wow genial este acuario, tambien me dieron miedo los tiburones, pero es un lugar fascinante; cuando viaje por el mundo y vaya a tu pais, me gustaria conocer ese acuario, que s eve fenomenal.

es como estar alli tambien porque tus fotografias son lo maximo

Actually, there is nothing to be afraid of. The aquarium has a thick glass, so the shark just walks around with angry eyes.

I hope it will be here on the world tour. Thanks for visiting here with me.

Hi @whyshy what a fun and exciting visit to the Aquarium. We get to see marine life up close and learn so much from it.
The clown fish are my favorite with their beautiful colors.
I definitely don't want to get me with a shark either hahaha.


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We are glad you share with us.

Have a nice day😀

I like your favourite, they are very sweet. No one wants to get close to the shark. 👍

There is a different world under the sea that we have never known. I really liked it when I saw this place.

That's why I wanted you to see it too. I'm glad you like it.
Have a nice day😀

hi @whyshy;

It was like diving into the ocean with you; wonderful post full of marine nature in a mega aquarium that impresses; every fish, algae, scary marine species; it was like going with you to this visit to the aquarium.
The truth is that it does not seem expensive to me the entrance to the aquarium translated to steem; it would be well worth paying to see this show live.

Thank you for bringing it to this humble community that loves you so much and appreciates your high quality and exclusive content.

After reading your comments, I think I'm slowly starting to reach my goals. Because I want to drag those who read my posts into that atmosphere. That makes me happy.

I am definitely willing to give more than that just to see these unique aquariums and fish.

I share in many communities on the Steemit platform. But I want to say it candidly. I love the attention you and your moderators show after posting here. Because they are really all very successful and good people. It is my pleasure to write in this community.

Thanks for your support and nice comment.

This place is fascinating, every photograph, every word is as if we were transported with you to the aquarium and enjoyed the ride; what a privilege to be able to enter an aquarium and appreciate the animal life in this format, a little safer than in the wild life of the sea.

I loved this post my dear @whyshy I am grateful that you brought it to our humble community.

It's a really good comment. After reading your comments, I am trying to share better. Because I love that you travel with me on these trips.

It's my pleasure to be here. Thanks for your nice comment.

you really are an excellent content creator; it makes us very happy to share with you.

It is a real honor that you like to share with us.

Don't praise me too much or I'd love to spend all day posting on steemit. 🤯

Again, thank you very much for giving the necessary value to my sharing. 🤩


I felt like I had visited this aquarium the size of a football field, again with a wonderful explanation. ☺️ 15000 different species of living things are quite a lot. Even though the shark was in the aquarium, it actually scared me. Maybe one day we will visit this beautiful place together.

Thanks for liking my share. I'm happy that you feel there. You don't need to be afraid of sharks. Because there is a very thick glass in between. Still, his angry looks are frightening. Remind me in the future, I will definitely come here with you again. ☺️👍

These pictures are amazing!

Es mucha agua, realmente me encantaron esas 15.000 especies marinas deben de tener un cuidado profesional e increíblemente costosos. me encantan los animales acuáticos hace un tiempo estaba estudiando algunos de ellos principalmente los venenosos

Yes, this is an amazing place. You might see some poisonous fish you know here. Because there were spiky and dark colored poisonous fish.

hace unos años me pico un pez piedra su veneno es muy pero muy fuerte, desde ese tiempo comencé a investigar. mayormente son oscuros, azules, rojos, etc, hay unas sepias que son venenosas son rojas y mayormente estan en australia. yo pesco sepias pero las normales y son muy ricas. yo soy de venezuela

I hope it didn't leave any permanent damage to your body.

I found a photo from my archive for you. This poisonous fish was alone in its environment.