CONCURSO: HAZ POWER UP || Nomination from @sampu || 58 Steem power up on 18-September-2021 || 15% for @hive-141434

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15% of this post payout is set to @hive-141434

Power-up is a very good investment in Steemit. I have recently did a power-up of 58 Steem in my account on 18-September-2021. When we do power up, we have more curation reward for the posts we upvote.

My target is to power up at least 50 Steem each week.

Please find my power-up evidence below-

Before power up :

During power up :

After power up :

Below are two recent posts I liked in Recreative Steem.

I like the way @nelsondoor showed step by step process on how he created the excellent art.

I also liked the musical arrangement by @menfita and liked the music created.

As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have upvoted and re-steemed this announcement.

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As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have shared my post in twitter tagging @steemit. Tweet link-

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hello @sampu
tu participación no será aceptada en el concurso, ya que usaste esta misma participación en el concurso de @cotina en la cual también soy moderadora y allí participaste con estos mismos captures de power up. Esta prácticas no son tolerables dentro de steemit. Por favor, debes reflexionar en el error y no volverlo a hacer.

Hello @graceleon, I was not aware that I can't post about the same power-up in multiple communities. Please exclude my post from this contest as the result in the other community is already announced.

Please suggest if I should delete my post also.

Felicitaciones por tu encendido @sampu
Exitos en el Concurso.