Thediarygame (13-05-2022): Day for training and designing Mr steem

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Greetings dear friends, trust you are all doing great!
Today I'll tell you about my activities for 12-04-2022, it wasn't filled with much activities, it was a normal day and I was able to accomplish a few things.

Morning hours to make inquiries for fashion training place

After having a good sleep in the night, I woke up early in the morning to begin the day's activities. I was able to say my prayers, complete my chores and also prepare breakfast for us to eat.

IMG_20220511_071344_400.jpg my breakfast

After having breakfast, my aunt said I should get ready that we will be going to see the place that I'm going to start learning tailoring. I have a little knowledge because I started learning it before but stopped for some personal reasons, but now I'm ready to resume it again.

Earlier my aunt had gone alone to make the inquiries and she found a place that she thought would be good for me.
So she took me to go see the place. We got the and the owner of the place gave us some form to fill and he list of items we needed to buy and also the fee for the training.


She billed us 50,000 naira which is equivalent to $120 and with the current price of steem it would be 500 steem. This is apart from the other equipments we needed to buy...

Meanwhile, I didn't like the place and so I said we should check other places. We went in search of other training places, we went to where hey sell tailoring materials to ask them if they know anywhere they train people. My aunt discussed with the woman and she was able to direct us to a place she said was very good..


So we went according to the direction given to us and we were able to find the place.

We got there and we found only the trainees there. They said the trainer was not around. We collected her number and called her in phone and she said we should wait for 10 minutes that she will be there. So we sat there to wait for her to arrive.


She arrived soon and my aunt discussed with her. She told us almost the same thing that the other person said but her own bill was higher. She said we should pay 80,000 naira which is 800 steem at its current price..
We told her we will think about it and get back to her.

At the steemit training office, helping a newbie with achievement 2 and making a suit for Mr steem

After that we headed to the steemit training office to open it.


We got there and a newbie, @emirateprince555, came for assistance to complete his second achievement. My aunt had signed him up and he completed his first achievement and was verified. So he was assisted to complete the second one.

There I started to complete the design I was making for Mr steem. With lot of patience and endurance, I was able to complete it so that he looks good for the upcoming anniversary party of Colombia original.



I made use of origami art to produce the suit for him. With the cardboard papers that I purchased from the supermarket, I was able to achieve it.

After a while,@eliany visited us at the office towards the evening period. She was there till it was time for us to close the office and we all went home together....


We soon got home and we completed the rest of the things we needed to do for the day, then settled down to have dinner. I prepared rice with vegetable sauce for us to eat and we served it to everyone in the house

IMG_20220511_192220_618~2.jpg My dinner

Increased Delegation

Thank you so much dear community @hive-141434 for all your support. I am please to inform you that my delegation increases...



Special thanks to all of you dear friends for coming to read my post, it's been a great day shared with you today. See you in my next diarygame!


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Thank you so much for your support

Hi @madilyn02 how creative you are, congratulations! The costume looks great.

The rice with vegetable sauce looks delicious!

We are glad you share with us.

Happy Dia😀

In one month you have made

  • ON: 473,732 STEEM
    You're Eligible #club5050😊 We're still growing!

Thank you for your kind commendations. Mr steem.liked the suit, and the rice was also very delicious as it looks. I'm glad to share with you 😊

Waooo you guys had a stressful day, my dear I will advice you not to relent effort of going into fashion, it is one of the lucrative business on ground, your dress for Mr steem look nice. You did a wonderful work

Thank you so much ma'am, I'll not relent. I appreciate your encouragement

Training in the second place is expensive, it just like you didn't like the first place her fee is moderate. After designing such a beautiful suit for Mr steem, I hope you will design for me too.
I enjoyed reading through your beautiful diary

Yes, the first place was cheaper, but I didn't like her designs.
Mr steem liked his suit and I'm sure you will also like yours when I make one for you:)