The diarygame (20-05-2022) || Training at the fashion training house and rainy day at the market

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It feels great to share with all of you here and to be part of this great community and a great future ahead.
This post will be my diary for 20-05-2022. I'm going to share with you my activities for the day and you may get to find out new things about me.

It was a Friday! A day loved by many people. I had recently started my training for tailoring and there is where I've been going from Monday to Friday. Training starts by 8:00 in the morning so I have to wake up early to get things ready at home then leave for it.

I set the alarm to wake up at 5:00 am since I assumed I'll be done with everything early if I wake up by then. Well sometimes I wake up even before that time without the alarm sound and for some reason. That was what happened, I got up very early but I decided to wait till 5 to begin my morning activities.

The day's activities

As soon as I woke up, it felt right to say my early morning prayers.

IMG_20220521_095814_568.jpg Doing laundry

After that I waited for it to get to 5 am an then got up to do my hygiene. I also cleaned the house and did some laundry as well with the ma chine since we had light at home. Soon I was done with washing the clothes and spreading them. I made breakfast for us and then dressed up to leave the house after assisting my cousins to prepare for and leave for school.


I soon got to our training place, though I was a little late, but not too late. They were still setting things up when I arrived and so I joined them there. Soon we were done with that and everyone got seated on their machines and so did I.

I was learning from others who had more experience and I was able to observe many things from them.


I also found out that learning needs a lot of patience and it's not easy to develop a skill. But I'm glad that I'm learning fast.

Soon I was given a task to do, I was asked to cut and sew a princess cut. My trainer hd taught me how to do it and so she asked me to practice it with the material I had.


I was not able to complete it the same day, but I was able almost done with it. I completed it the next day but I have not put extra designs in it. Here I'm wearing it below:


That day I came back home in the evening by 5 pm. I made my food to eat, I made Garri and soup for myself...


After eating I had to go to the market to buy some things we needed for the house. I got to the market to buy the things but sadly it started to rain and I had to find a shelter to protect myself from the rain.


I waited for the rain to stop but it was taking too long, though it reduced a bit I had to rush back home.


It was a blessed day I had learning and accomplishing many things with God's help.
I thank you for reading through and for encouraging me. I hope to see you in my subsequent publications.


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Hola amiga @madilyn02 que gran talento amiga, la costura es maravillosa, yo acomodo ropa, pero, hacerla como tal no, voy a intentar me en eso, como tengo máquina de coser y las nociones básicas, se me hace más fácil. Excelente talento. Éxitos y bendiciones. #affable #oneporcent #venezuela

I recently began learning it too. That is one of my first tasks, doing it gives a lot of confidence. I hope you can do it too 😊

Que linda mi amor 😍 para ser una de las primeras tareas te ha quedado muy bonita, hoy día es mucho esfuerzo pero ya verás que pronto tendrás un gran taller de costura y serás muy exitosa. Me encantó leerte mi bella hermana 😘

This is one of the most beautiful things I've read, I'm glad to have you my sister. Thank you for your encouragement always my dearest sister 😍

My dear, what a nice day you had, really, the princess cut gives a lot of style to our bodies, they make us look like that, like a princess. the blouse fit you very well. I congratulate you.

Hi thank you so much my friend for your beautiful words, I'm happy to read your comment. I was happy to see hat I could do something like that being a beginner in the field. I hope to improve better