Rapi-contest: SONGS THAT LIBERATE" | Heal the world by Michael Jackson

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Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race!
...make a better place for you and for me...

The above words are part of the lyrics of a very special song, music that touches the heart and seeks to improve the world's condition.
It is a song that was released in 1992 by the king of pop Michael Jackson.

I have left the music video at the beginning of this post, you can choose to listen to it while reading this post as I will love to do if I was the reader...

The song conveys Michael Jackson's disapproval of war and his quest to make the world a better place for all humanity...

A quest for a better world for the future generations

There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me

The above words are also part of the lyrics of the song. If we care about the sufferings and war which result in killings, we should strive to make the world a better place. A place of peace, where love exists.
Michael Jackson urges the nation to turn their swords into plowshares. Lasting peace for mankind is what the song conveys and that is all we want as well.

I love the song!

Because of the strong message the song conveys, it's lyrics and tunes, this song has become my favorite.
Here we love to sing it and I have known all the lyrics...

The song moves the spirit and inspires me to feel that the world deserves better and that I can contribute to make it a better place.

I heard the song first during a school celebration where my siblings had to present the song in their school. I loved the song and the lyrics and so I learnt more about it and found it was sang by Michael Jackson.

The song is and still remains relevant today even more so as the world's condition keeps on deteriorating. There is greater need to show love for one another. And in the sing Michael expressed a convinction that everyone has a place for love in his heart.

Make a better world, make a better place for you and for me...


I have been able to share my favorite song with you, a song that is my inspiration, I do hope you liked it.
I invite @fortwis09, @chimeroselam, @bossj23 to participate in the contest which will be ending in a few hours...the link is below:

Rapi- Concurso: "CANCIONES QUE LIBERAN" | especial de Música y Literatura | 5 premios con voto Booming a los ganadores

Thank you @yrmaleza for this beautiful contest...


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Hola amigo yo también amo esa canción de Michael y es un himno a nivel mundial un abrazo y suerte que la paz sea contigo.

Thanks my friend, peace be with you too

Esa canción es hermosa tiene un mensaje muy especial 💕 creo que todos podemos contribuir para construír un mejor mundo.

El rey del pop es lo máximo

Absolutely! He is the best and he created a place for himself in people's heart, little wonder he is never forgotten

Amigaaaaaaa una canción muy linda, siempre corren lágrimas por mis mejillas al oírla, esa canción le salió de lo más hondo de su corazón .
Te deseo mucho éxito 😘

It's my favorite song, I'm happy that you love it too, and I'm sure the while world loves the song as well. This is how good an artist can be..the strong message of the song moves me a lot

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Hola mi bella Madi
Ese tema de Michael es uno de mis predilectos...
Gracias por decirnos que es para ti liberador, me encanta el mensaje que aporta
Mil bendiciones, niña hermosa

Eres la

Participante # 16


Hello friend Yrma, I really love the song and the message it bears, which is why I thank you so much for the contest with which you gave us the opportunity to express ourselves

Pienso que es una canción hermosa Mary, Michael nos regalo esperanzas con la letra y ganas de luchar por un mundo mejor.

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That's true my friend, listening to the song brings tears to the eyes and we are even more motivated to have greater love for mankind and strive to make a better world

Congratulations 🎊

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I am very familiar with this song since in my primary school days. Even at the period at which it was produced, it still conveys same vital meaning for children and the world.

Thanks for sharing this #music with us

Hello dear, yes the music has a very strong message for the world and the future generations. Thank you for your comment

I agree