Mini contest: comments Waves #26

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I am glad to write to you once again Steemians and members of diverse communities.

The mini contest held daily is fun and surely will initiate great conversation among us on the platform.


Here are all rules about the Waves of comments:

  • This day's initial topic of discussion is defined as follow:
    "Share good thoughts about one of your recent life experiences in relation to Steem", but not mandatory to follow, so your comments can be random.

  • Place in the comments section your opinion as a sentence with at least 20 words.

  • Add a number considered to be the correct addition of your valid entry to your comment to validate your current entry.

  • Patience for at least 2 valid comments from different authors before adding your next comment below the main post.

  • There is No limit of comments, but the deadline is 24 hours after the contest launches. All valid entries will be counted as they appeared below the main post.


A1:My comment is so genuine that I may be upvoted in the course of this contest. c1.*
A2:Steemit has helped me find the love of my life here in the local town of AYWES. c1
A3:The coming holidays help be exceptionally disturbed with all the flight cancellations and passengers not allowed to travel due to ban. c1
A1:I will go visit my grandmother whether it rains or snow. I will find my way to visit relatives even though restrictions are still in action. c2
A4: at least eight words... c1
A2: at least eight words... c2
A1: at least eight words... c3
A3: at least eight words... c2

Selection of the Winners and Prizes

Moderator will intervene to resolve comment counting issues. You should edit your entry within the contest duration if you have done something wrong. We can help each other to keep the count in order. Thanks

Authors will be classified considering the number of valid entries decreases from the highest to the lowest numbers obtained at the deadline.

The winner will obtain 0.5 STEEM from @ybf in their wallet. The payout for the contest post will determine in the future how higher the prizes can go to all the winners.

In case of similarity in the total of points, the winner will be the first to comment under the main post.

Steemians' comments are greatly appreciated as the contest's rewards in the coming edition will increase as the interest for interaction among the members keeps growing.

Warm regards

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Being on steemit has renewed my beliefs about earning online after being prey to many platforms. C1

Why do people never participate in this contest

There are too many posts about contests on steemit. I hope in the future many bloggers will join us.

All okay.
I hope so

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