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One of the major issues we face in the world currently is the issue of waste management. Due to lack of proper waste management, the issues of land and air pollution have become an issue that is becoming a bit tough to deal with. Every living thing on Earth produces waste, and as long as we remain on earth we will keep producing waste.


Since we can't totally eliminate the production of waste, we have only one option, and that is to learn how to properly manage the waste we generate. If we fail to manage our waste disposal very well, we will be in deep problem as our land and air pollution issue will keep becoming worst. Over the years, in the attempt to design the best system to solve our waste problems, The 3 R's strategy for waste management was generated; They are:

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle.

I will be explaining them further below:


1. Reduce:

One of the strategies for waste management is reducing waste. It is true that one cannot complete eliminate waste, but at least, he can reduce the amount of waste that he produced. For instance, when sowing a clothe, you can be technical about your cutting so as to minimize the amount of material you will dispose as waste. Same thing goes with collecting only an amount if food that is enough for you.

We call also reduce our use of product that cannot be recycled or reused. The more we use materials that are like that, the rate of our waste production will be continually on the increase.

2. Reuse:

There are some items that can be re-used. It's advisable to re-use such materials instead of disposing them as waste. Some of such items includes plastic containers,. sack bags, cartons, and so on. Reusing is not only cost effective, but it can help reduce considerably the amount of waste that we generate.


3. Recycle:

The last "R" is recycle. A lot of organizations have been advocating for recycling since the begin of the last decade. Recycling of our disposed product have lots of advantages. A part from the fact that it will help reduce the amount of waste that we have, and in the process reducing considerable land and air pollution, recycling also helps slow down our use of our natural resources (as we can use make new products from the old one), as well as create employment. Some of the materials we can recycle includes cardboards, tins, plastic bottles etc.

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