My Financial tip for my best student for last term

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Hi great steemians, hope we are doing great. Today I bring to us an activity I carried out after one of my class with my student last week. Remember I told us that am a corper serving in a state in my country, and as a corp member we engage in different services to the nation.


So last term during one of my classes, I told my student I was going to gift the best of them in the subject I teach which is mathematics, a price token as a means of encouragement to make other students seat up and also encourage the winner to do more.

She scored a whopping 98% above all her classmate and apart from that during the class session she is always responding better to show she did not just get it by cheating but by merit and merit must always be rewarded for young people to continue moving through the line of merits.


Thank you very much for looking through my blog as I bring us more and more beautiful experience.

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You did really well for extending this gift to your best student but next time try and make your post up to at least 250 words, and be creative in your post thank you for delegating to us we will appreciate if you increase your delegation to us. Always remember to set 10% to @steemkidss community.



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Okay ma.