Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W4:Childhood or adulthood, which do you prefer? by @temitopef

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Good day dear Steemians, it's another beautiful week and I'm so excited that I'm starting in this week's engagement challenge from this community. The topic for this week's challenge is Childhood or adulthood, which do you prefer. This is just a beautiful topic that would take us back to our childhood days and I'm sure we would have a great time while writing about the topic.

Childhood can be defined as the period of growing up, it is when we are under our parents and are to learn some things as we are growing while Adulthood is said to be when we have grown up already and not directly under the care of a parent. As a child, you are to depend on your parent for everything including decision making while as an Adult you have the right to make decisions for yourself. Every country has its legal age for people born in such country to be called an Adult.

My childhood picture

Who is considered a child in your country? Include age

In my country Nigeria, you are a child if are from age 1 to 17 years and not up to 18 years, this is the period you have to be under your parent and they are to take responsibility for their children during this period, and such responsibilities include feeding, sponsoring, clothing, shelter guiding and decision making.

It is also in the legal writing by the government of Nigeria that childhood age stop at 18 years, anyone that is below 18 years is still a child and has no right in making decisions for his/herself and if any adult is caught doing what is not right or taking advantage of them will be penalized regardless of whether the child complies or gave their consent. This period is when we have to learn from our parents about so many things that would help us during adulthood.

my recent picture

Who is considered an adult in your country? Include age

My country considered anybody that is 18 years of age as an adult, this is a period when we have grown and mature enough to stand on our own and can make decisions for ourselves. At this age, parents believe their child is mature enough to face what comes out of life, they can only advise or guide such a child if she is doing the wrong thing unlike in childhood day when they are to make decisions and the child must follow whatever decision made by their parent.

And this is a period when responsibility set in, you are to be responsible for yourself, your expenses and also supporting your family.

Childhood or Adulthood, which do you prefer?

After I became an adult and see the responsibilities that comes with it, I can't help but sometimes think of going back to my childhood days and see how peaceful, calm, and joyful it was. Now seeing this question I would love to choose Childhood because those are the days that one has to live a day as it comes with all joy, no worries, less stress, no pains of betrayal, and so on.

Every of our responsibility was been taken care of by our parents, all we need to do is to be good children, study tour time, play around, and have fun with our peers freely without any care about who is looking or responsibility knocking ahead.

Give at least 3 reasons why you prefer childhood or adulthood

The reasons why I prefer Childhood to Adulthood are as follows:

Unconditional Love: Children love is unconditional love, the type of love that can not be bought, when children fight among themselves they fought out of love, and within a short period, they had reconciled, revenge is not for them, once they forgive they forget about the incidence. Children's love is not give and take love like adult's love which is always until you scratch my back before I scratch yours back.

They are cheerful givers and always love to help one another, take for example when a child's pencil got lost, his or her friend won't think twice before cutting their pencil into 2 and gave her friend 1, they did all these with a pure and joyful mind unlike adulthood stage that is full of hypocrisy, envy and betrayal, the stage when one has to be careful around friends, you cannot tell your friends everything because you are afraid of being betrayed.

Childhood is Fun and Full of Possibilities: These are days when we have no worries about anything, all you have to do is to listen to your parent, have maximum fun with your peers and be hopeful. They live in the moment and explore every day to the fullest. They are eager to learn new things and make friends. Children are full of possibilities, they don't have negative thoughts because they believe everything will work out fine.

Childhood comes with Fewer Responsibilities and Competition: Adulthood responsibility can be so tiring, from waking up in the morning thinking of what to eat, your bills, subscription, sending money to your family and many more. At adulthood you are concerned about when you have to watch your weight, thinking of how to acquire some properties so that you can live a good life, even if time is not by your side before you know it the time has gone. Furthermore, Childhood competition is sweet and comes with a pure mind and hard work compared to adulthood which competes in a cunning way or through connection.

If you have pictures of your childhood and adulthood, we will like to see them.

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These are pictures of my childhood and my Adulthood.

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Both Childhood and Adulthood has their beautiful experiences but I would prefer to pick childhood experience over adulthood because those are the best moment of my life, it is full of fun, love, and joy. To forgive did come easily and trust is not expensive during that period. No wonder the word of God says it would be easy for children to enter the kingdom of God than adults because they live an easy and joyful life and do not care about acquiring all these worldly properties. This is where I will be stopping for today, thank you so much for reading.

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Yes my friend there are lots of reasons why most people prefer childhood over adulthood and you have successfully listed some of them above which include fun, less responsibilities, less competition etc. As a child you don't need to disturb yourself with many things. I wish you success in this contest my friend. Please also visit my blog and engage with me as well.

Thank you for reading and sharing on my post.

This is beautifully presented. You have communicated very neatly on the contest topic and have chosen which you prefer. Everyone wants childhood because it's fun and there's no responsibility that you shoulder. You can play from morning till night because you don't have what you are thinking about 😂😂... But once one become adult, you have a lot of responsibilities.

You childhood pictures are beautiful just as your adulthood pictures.

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this contest.

Kind regards @temitopef

Yes o, there is no responsibilities on my shoulder, no bills to pay, childhood days were fun with much pampering.

Tag me right baby, am thinking a lot about you lately🤣🤣,

childhood is fun, enjoyable but growth is inevitable, a child will always grow to face the reality of life,

in my case I prefer adulthood, I don't want to be spanked anymore, I love the freedom and independence of an adult, am tired of restriction toward some certain things you would want to do but because you are being restricted, you dare not. As such it's adult life for me

Thanks for Sharing your opinion about adulthood and childhood, I was expecting you to say you played with sand, didn't lie didn't you?

A comment on my engagement publication will be appreciated
greetings and blessings

I know you will ask such question 😂 but honestly mom never allow any of her children to be playing with sand, instead she got us water game and some other game, toys, doll and so on.

So to answer your question, I don't play with sand I'm a big baby 🤪

🤣🤣Oh my my, I guess I guessed right, but I did played with sand, you childhood wasn't complete.👌

I like it being incomplete, thank you 😆


Hello, childhood is a beautiful stage that will always be present in our lives, we remember it even more as we get older, it marks our personality as adults and if we receive unconditional love, good luck in the contest.

Yes my friends, childhood memories are beautiful ones that lingers forever. Thank you for sharing on my post.

Ohmo, childhood all the way.

Thank you

The peace that is enjoyed in childhood is nothing to right home about, you are being asked what you will eat, take you to all the play ground to play, you just remind me of so many things about childhood, but it didn't last long, adulthood came and mold us to be a stronger person. Thank you for sharing in this contest

Truly adulthood came and mold us to be a stronger person, but adult responsibilities can make one to think of going back to childhood day. Thank you for sharing on my post.

I respect your way of thinking, but I think that in childhood there is more competition than as an adult, since we compete with reason and understanding.
Good luck in the contest 🤞🏻
Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

If you think there is more competition in childhood than adult, I can't say you are wrong but to me kids competition comes with honesty and pure mind than adult.

In that you are right my friend

You have really nailed it dear, children's love are unconditional and they hardly keep malice, grudges and offences in the their hearts. That's one character of them that even adults admire. No wonder they are 🍎 of God's eyes! Well done on this great article. Let's steem on.

Thank you so much for reading.


Unconditional love and full of fun, you got it right about childhood

Thank you for agreeing with me.

The protection of parents, the absence of strong responsibilities, games and fun are reasons that lead you to prefer childhood.

We are all forced to grow up, but we always want to be children again, to enjoy without worries, and live every moment to the fullest.

Successes in the contest.


The love that we received as a child was very massive as to be compared to now that we are no longer a child. Honestly friend you have written so well. Best of luck to you.

Saludos amiga, que linda partipación llena de bellas fotos durante tus dos etapas de infancia y adultez.

También prefiero la niñez, es una bella etapa llena de diversión, sin muchas responsabilidades o preocupaciones. En la niñez los sentimientos son puros e inocentes, no hay maldad, solo buenas intenciones, y aunque podamos equivocarnos nuestros padres siempre estan para enseñarnos y corregirnos.

Te deseo muchos éxitos, saludos!

My dear you look so cute as a kid, you have also grown to become a fine young lady. I like the way you explained your reasons for choosing childhood over adulthood. I too made same choice and i invite you to support my entry.

Good luck my dear.