Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W3: Review Of An Amusement Park That Kids Loves To Visit In my City by @temitopef

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Good day Steemians, happy Sunday to you all, I'm so happy to participate in yet another contest organized by this community which entails Review of Amusement Park or Playground that kids love to visit in my city. Ride with me as I take you through a review of an amusement park in my city.

In your City, do you have a playground for kids? What is the name? What is the physical address of the playground (Include what3words location coordinates)

Yes, there are many playgrounds or amusement parks for kids in my city, and today the amusement park I will be showing you and doing my review on is called SHOLLY PARTY AMUSEMENT PARK, it is located in Osun mall, Osogbo Osun State.

The amusement park has exciting games for kids and adults such as ludo, chess, scrabble, table tennis, Ayo olopon (my local game) and snooker for adults, and for kids they have Flying chairs, a Swimming trunk, Grade A and B train, Swing, bouncing castle, bumper cars, Merry Go round, bike ride and so on. The location according to What3words coordinate is:

Capture at least 4 play equipment there or 4 different locations including interesting sights and write about them

Today, the 4 playing equipment for kids in Sholly Party Amusement Park that I would be talking about are:

  • Swimming Tank.

  • Flying Chairs.

  • Swing.

  • Train.

  • Sholly Party Amusement Park Swimming Tank

    Swimming Tank
    This is a raw material that is manufactured with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, metal or steel, fiberglass, concrete, and polyurethane foam. It is an above-ground swimming pool with an external metal forming an oval or circular shape and a pole surrounding the pole serving as a pool wall.

    This is designed in such a way that kids that love swimming can also swim during their visit to the amusement park, and also for kids that want to learn how to swim. The swimming fee is #750 (4.4 Steem) without the use of a swimming trunk but #1000 (5.9 Steem) with the trunk.

    Sholly Party Amusement Park Flying Chairs

    Flying Chairs
    Flying chair ride is rotating amusement equipment with the head consisting of a very big umbrella and a safe, delicate and beautiful watermelon bucket which serves as a chair hanging under the umbrella, in the middle of the umbrella is a pole well designed which goes down to the floor and a tile on the floor. Once the umbrella rotates, the hanging bucket/chair will rotate round in the air at a certain speed. The flying chair fee use is #700 (4.1 Steem).

    Sholly Party Amusement Park Swing

    This is another piece of playing equipment for a kid that consists of 3 metal belt swings suspended on Iron bars, the belt in the swing is usually a place for kids to sit and the swing was tightly screwed to the iron bars. Swing is used to moving forth and back. The swing fee is #200 (1.1 Steem).

    Sholly Party Amusement Park Grade A Train

    Sholly Party Amusement Park Grade B Train

    Trains like we know that they are vehicles joined together and moving in one direction on a railway, in this Amusement Park, they have two types of train, which is grade A and B train even though I don't know much difference between the two but I saw the grade A operating, it is like another train with one driver sit and other vehicle joined from the passenger seat.

    The train was placed on a circular metal made in form of a railway, and the train has a light indicator and sound playing when the train is moving on the railway in a circular motion. Grade A fee is #700 (4.1 Steem) while grade B is #600 (3.5 Steem).

    How much is the entrance fee in your local currency and steem equivalent

    Sholly Party Amusement Park Price list

    At Sholly Party Amusement Park, Kids do not pay any entrance fee as they are to enter free of charge but they are to pay for all the activities they want to do depending on the price while Adults are to pay #300 (1.7 Steem) as entrance fee whether you come with kids or not, and a couple is to pay #500 (2.9 Steem) for the entrance fee, there are some games that are free of charge for adult while some they are to pay for it.

    Did you visit there with the kids or have you been there before? If not, just tell us if the kids do enjoy their experience there.

    I have visited Sholly party amusement park before but I did not visit the amusement park with kids but I can say the kids I met there on that day so much enjoyed themselves with the games, they have so much fun that the place was filled with laughter, giggling and shout of joy. They swam, flew on flying Chairs, play with swings, and drive bumper cars and they look so happy.


    Sholly Party Amusement Park is a very good and cool place for kids to enjoy and explore their time by taking part in the activities, we all know children love to play and enjoy themselves, Sholly party amusement park did set the amusement park up to the standard of the kids and in such a way that kids would have many activities to explore and enjoy during their visit to the park.

    The environment is cool and spacious while the workers there are welcoming, nice, patient, and friendly to both kids and adults. This is where I will be stopping on my review about Sholly party amusement park, thank you so much for reading.

    I invite @beautybb, @yakspeace, and @ebunoluwani to take part in this contest. 25% Beneficiary Set to @null

    Note: All pictures were taken with my Android phone Tecno Spark 8p.
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    As I am seeing this I am now missing my childhood experiences, thanks for sharing

    Thank you for reading.

    This must be an amazing place for both young and old. The pictures are quite clean, well-arranged article and it covers all required parts of the contest. I guess it's worth visiting this place. It's a great pleasure to read from you, @temitopef.

    Thank you so much for sharing on my post, Sholly party amusement park is an amazing place and the environment is so calm, peaceful and conducive.


    Wow, you’ve done a really good review of SHOLLY PARTY AMUSEMENT PARK. Seeing the facilities and equipment they have it’s obvious it’s a standard park. I think their prices are reasonable as well.
    Good luck in the contest ma’am.

    You are right, their price is reasonable unlike some places that one have to pay for everything whether or not the kid is going to engage in all the activities. Thank you for reading sir.

    You have really done well by reviewing this beautiful Park, the park is so nice and lovely and I'm sure most kids will like to visit the park. Best of luck my dear friend.

    Kids love to visit Sholly party amusement park because there are lot of activities to engage in and they would have so much fun. Thanks for the wishes dear.

    You are always welcome 🤗