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Greetings to you all dear members of steemkids community, trust you are all doing great? Welcome back once again to steemkids community word Definition contest series. This is week #7 already and we are thrilled to bring you this wonderful word for you to tell what you think about it. The result will soon be out.

Week #6 entries were amazing. We were so delighted to receive much thrilling entries about what steemkids community mean to you.

Like you all know, steemkids is a community for kids and so,we want to always help them understand some terms that will help them understand steemit and have it at their finger tips. We also want to be sure that they are following the moving train. Thus, this week's topic.


The trending thing in steemit as at this moment is #club5050. Most of us understand what it means while most don't. Some are still confused about what it means. Some have given it their own definition while some have understood it well.

The truth is that,the earlier we understand it the better for all of us and for the steemit ecosystem. Therefore,the topic for this word definition contest series is what does club5050 mean?


  • what does club5050 mean?

  • what are the benefits?

  • Hoe can you join? If you have joined, what did you do to join?

  • How long will you be in the club5050?

  • Is joining the club5050 optional?

  • When should the tag, #club5050 be used?

Please, for update about club5050, visit this post by @steemitblog.


**✓ set @steemkidss as 20% beneficiary

✓ Be and original and write in your own words.

✓ plagiarism will not be tolerated and you will be banned if cought and so to help yourself, use this plagiarism checker to scan your write up to see if it is free from plagiarism

✓ The contest is open to everybody

✓ your publications must be at least 200 words but if it is not, you can drop it as a comment on this post.

✓Subscribe to steemkids community, it is a must.

✓ Vote and resteem

✓ you must join steemkids community curation trail

✓ Invite at least 3 friends to participate especially those who have not subscribed

✓ Use harshtag #steemkids-wordserieswk6, #steemexclusive #contest, #steemit #yourcountry

✓ Mention @steemkidss in your post

✓ Drop your entry post link under the comment section of this post.

✓ please apply all the rules

✓ duration is one week from the date of this contest Tuesday, (27/10/2021)(11:59pm Nigeria time). Please take note of the time frame. Sone entries come well after the contest has expired


Reward pool- 40 steem

1st place - 10 Steem

2nd place - 8 Steem

3rd place - 6 Steem

4th place - 4 Steem

5th place - 2 Steem

The rest of the 10 steem will be distributed among other participants. You can see that it is a win win contest. Some participants can even stand a chance to be selected for booming.
So friends, write in a way that you will win.

Winners will be those who apply all rules and are detailed and make the most meaningful suggestions that will benefit the community. Remember to join steemkidss curation trail, don't forget, it is very important. But if you were supported by the curators, you will not be selected as a winner again. We want to make sure we support as much people as possible.

I wish you all the best!
Special mentions


We, at steemkids community are mostly grateful to @steemitblog and steemcurator01 for all the supports given to us so far.


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Best regards

@steemkids Community

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