Season 4 Hall of Fame begins! (Your favorite offline/Outdoor game)|| S3 Winner announced

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Hello kids!
Welcome to the new week and season of our Hall of Fame. We know you are excited and ready to join, it will really be fun. We care about you and we want you all to enjoy this community as it is for you, our lovely kids.

In the past season we were happy to see some if you participating in the weekly activities. But we will also like others to activate and participate more.
For the season it was difficult for us to choose a winner since there was no much participation from all of you, but we are happy that one was doing well so we will announce her as the winner once again.

Season 3 Winner


We are announcing @leyxi209 as the winner once again for this new season.

She will be given delegation from the sponsors, @ngoenyi (1000), @chiabertrand (100), @patjewell (100).
Anyone who wishes to be among the sponsors can comment under this post below.

The winner must make an acceptance post to indicate that he accepts the prize.
He should take a selfie with a poster handwritten "@username, hall of Fame winner, date of acceptance"

He is to make the post within two days, after two days it will be assumed that the winner does not accept his prize.

Season 4 week 1

We are continuing from here with our weekly challenge for the kid celebrities. We hope to see your participation for this week. Also try to invite others to join you in participating.

Lets remember that this hall of fame is only for those verified kids that have won the kid celebrity for any month and that has been added to the hall...
Thus, only kid who have this type of label below:

Hence, the entries of those kids that have not won the kids celebrity will be disqualified.

The other kids celebrities that didn't take part for the past season, we believe that it could have been one problem or the other that made them miss the first week. But the third season will record more entries and of this we are sure.

Topic for the week: What is your favorite outdoor/offline game

This week we want you to tell us the offline/outdoor game you love playing the most.

You can include who you play it with, how the game makes you feel and if possible how it is played .


  • If you can drop it as a comment under this post, no problem but we will prefer you making a full post .

  • It has to be steemexclusive and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Pictures must be yours.

  • Set at least 10% beneficiary to steemkidss if it is a full post (This is very optional)

  • If you are making a post,,. include the tags: #kidieshalloffame-S4w1
    #steemexclusive #country

  • You must be in at least #club5050

Our Kids Celebrities

Since November 2021, our kids have been doing exceptionally well when it comes to interacting with their fellow kids. After each month of 4 weeks, the overall winner emerges who then becomes the one to win our t-shirt.

IMG-20220501-WA0031.jpgNovember, 2021
IMG-20220501-WA0035.jpgDecember, 2021
IMG-20220501-WA0033.jpgJanuary, 2022
IMG-20220501-WA0032.jpgFebruary, 2022
IMG-20220504-WA0023.jpgMarch, 2022
IMG-20220501-WA0034.jpgApril, 2022
20220709_174339.jpgMay 2022
20220715_080935.jpgJune 2022
@imohmitchJuly 2022


Other kids will join the rank as they win from the skids-corner project.

The race has just begun, make your way to the top

Therefore, I am calling on you all to please take part as often as you can.

Remember that it is all fun for you kids, make it as fun as you will like.

The most active at the end of the week 4 in this Hall of Fame wins the delegation from our sponsors.

Remember that we will check your activities to see how active you are in the community in terms of posts, comments and engagements.


Thanks to you all and to our sponsors

Cc: @patjewell

More sponsors are needed

We are grateful to the initiator if this event, @patjewell
Best regards.

We are also grateful to steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 for their support

@steemkids Community team

Join our discord channel:::::::Join our telegram group::::::subscribe to our community


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You made again dear @leyxi209. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉 to you and thanks to steemkids community for always keeping you busy.

Hello dear 😘 I am so excited! The community always keeps us busy!

Woow congratulations for being the Winner of Hall of Fame season3 dear @leyxi209.. Your delegation will elbe send shortly as soon as you make the post declaring your self as the winner

Hi!!! Thank you so much ☺️ I will be dropping my acceptance post soon!

Hello friends!

I am very happy to be selected again, I will be leaving my acceptance post.

Congratulations to you @leyxi209♥️

Thank you very much!

Felicidades a mi amiguita 😊 @leyxi209 por su empeño y dedicación aqui en mi apreciada comunidad de @steemkids y para esta semana me parece otro buen tema que decido participar

Hola amiguita! Muchas gracias, la verdad estoy muy feliz!

Espero el próximo mes seas tu la ganadora, todos debemos dar nuestro mejor esfuerzo!

Así es amiguita con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación lo lograremos 🤗

Congratulations once again! 👏🏻👏🏻
Girls rock!
Kindly let me know once you’ve made your publication

The publication is made now. I have delegated to her. You can proceed with yours

Just kept it active.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Congratulations @leyxi209 for winning again but let me challenge you this time.... I'll make the 4th winner of this hall of Fame...

Thank you very much friend 😊

Oooh that enthusiasm I love it! I hope it will be so! Let's see what happens at the end of the month!

What is your favorite outdoor/offline game

I have a lot of outdoor games which I play specially. One of such is one of our childhood games called Notty. This game was pretty cool back then as we played it in schools, house and the likes of them. This game is played by clapping the hands and tapping our feet to stretch out the right leg. It was quite fun especially when played fast. Another outdoor game I enjoy is football. Football is one of the most popular outdoor worldwide. It has this driving force that makes people become huge fans of it. Football is especially fun when you play dribbling with a lot of persons. You apply your football skills, pass your opponents and then give it a shot. Sometimes I enjoy viewing other than playing. I love team work and this kind of game as it would reduce shouting in the field.......

I'll be dropping my entry link today before this post pay out