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Hello dear kids, trust you are all doing great and having fun.
It is my delight to welcome you all to this new week of the skids-corner contest. we are very happy to see that you are all having fun with this contest and making new friends.
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WEEK'S THEME: Who cooks your favorite meals

The discussion for this week is about your favorite meals, write who your favorite coo is. who cooks your favorite meals just the way you like it. You can also write what your favorite meal is.

Please be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • Write up to 50 word and not more than 200 words on the week's theme
  • Please try to make comments on the entries of others
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Who cooks my favorite meal

Well my favorite meal is semovita with egusi (melon) . It became my best food as of recent . Especially when prepare with pepper and meat and fish. I can't really prepare it to my taste.
My mom cooks my favorite meal she can cook almost all the sweet meal she always prepare it very delicious just the way I like it. Though she is the one that loves cooking soup at home.
She prepare it for good 😊 and makes mouth watery and tasty 😋.

Oye la sopa es muy rica 🤤 esa comida que dices debe saber muy rica 😋


Mis saludos y abrazos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪

I also love egusi soup, but enjoy it more with garri. Mothers are the best when it comes to preparing soup and she makes it with much love.
Thank you for sharing with us and for the invite...🌼

Yes that's true am glad you like egusi soup too

Egusi!, I do eat though but I am not really a fan of melon🥺😅.
Moms are the best cook

Yes mom are the best cook 🤣 but am surprised you don't like egusi

I will just be after the stocks.
And I will need meats 😏

🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 funny you

Check my own comment about my favorite meal 😏

Okay I will ☺️

Sin duda muy buenas son una Ada madrina hasta en la cocina 🤗

The dish you describe seems to be very delicious.... I would love to be able to travel to where you live and try them all, I really had not heard of this food.

Really it is very delicious 🤤 and I would love to host you when you arrive

My favorite meal

My favorite meal is afang soup, it is a native meal loved by plenty and eaten mainly by the southern part of Nigeria and Cameron too, both countries are the main consumers of the meal as it is mainly grown in these areas, it is eaten with garri mainly and other items, the afang soup which is usually a sweet delicacy with enough pot members is my favorite meal, but nothing is good in excess, so we don’t cook it like always always giving the required spacing so it can give way to other foods.

Who cooks your favorite meal

From childhood my mom cooks all the food we ate till now, so before the meal is my favorite that means my mom cooked it the best way, the way we all love, mom’s have really done well in the area of taking care of their children’s diet, I drop dis heart for moms ♥️.
That’s my fav meal and my fav cook how about yours?

Wow me too am a fan of afang soup I love it especially when prepare with stockfish and alot of meat. But sadly I don't know how to prepare it

It's good to know you also love the soup, and u like meat too eeih🙆😅

Yes oooo that's my best part of the soup

A sweet soup? That's very interesting, I had never heard of this food either, where I live we have other traditional foods.

Moms definitely prepare the best meals ♥ they have magic in their hands.

¿Quien cocina tu comida favorita?

Hola amiguitos de steemkids mi comida favorita es las caraotas negras, con arroz, plátano fritos, y queso blanco, es nuestros plato típico y tambien mi plato favorito 🤗 quien la cocina muy rico sin duda alguna mi mami si que lo prepara rico 😋 son mucho aliños para terminar mi participación quiero invitar a:

Hum.... que rico es tu platillo favorito, sin duda alguna muestras madres preparar la comida más rica😋. Gracias por la invitación.

Si que delicioso cocinan suerte en el concurso 🤗

Creo que a la mayoría de los venezolanos nos encanta ese plato, una delicia! Y nuestras madres son expertas preparándolo!

Si amiguita muy cierto ☺️ es muy rico y nutritivo 😁 gracias por comentar


ello everyone am happy to be a part of this contest.
Well my favorite meal is Breadfruit BREADFRUIT . It is always prepare by the Igbo tribe the eastern part of Nigeria. Well it is popularly known as ukwa (Igbo)

Well the person who prepares my favorite meal is my mum she is good at preparing and cooking native dishes. She always prepares it in a delicious way that even when am asleep I would wake up. Though I am still learning how to prepare it.

I invite you all mentioned to tell us who cooks you favorite meal

I love that food too it is delicious 😋

Yes it is ❤️

Wow, I don't about the breadfruit but I think it should be sweet/delicious♥️

Wow it is an Igbo food

Okay ♥️
Now I know

It okay 😹

I guess this dish is very delicious and even more so because your mom prepares it!

Yes it is ❤️

Hola amigos, el tema de esta semana me encanta porque es hablar de nuestra Comida Favorita

Bueno, mi comida súper, híper, mega favorita es la hamburguesa.

Hubo un momento que recibí apoyo regular en mis publicaciones y prácticamente todas las semanas comía hamburguesas, hacia el pedido a domicilio a algún emprendimiento de la ciudad y fueron días geniales para mí!

De todas las que comí me gustaron más las de un emprendimiento que se llama Crazy Burguer y las de otros que son Chuos’Burguers… Eran mis favoritas. Quiero volver a comer esas hamburguesas súper ricas que ellos preparan.

Y cuéntenme ustedes amiguitos, ¿Cuál es su comida favorita?


I imagine they taste really delicious. Everyone loves burgers 😊. Thank you for sharing your favorite with us

They rock girlfriend, those two food sales prepare the best 🍔.

Hola gracias por la invitación... Tengo pensado escribir...

Estaré atenta para leer tu participación!

Wonderful 😊

And divine!

I hope it will taste good 🙂

Burgers are really nice and yummy, you've made me recall how great it was, I ate with family it was great

The hamburgers can be eaten at any time, they are the best!

Really wow

My favorite food is sate😀

And what makes it up? I had not heard of it.

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wow this is so interesting please I can't wait anymore my own entry so so soon I promise myself that I will be among the winner and I still stand by it see you in my entry bye

We will be expecting your participation as a comment under this post. Thank you for your keen interest in the contest. I hope you win too

Wow beautiful contest . I have increase my delegation from 250sp to 300sp thanks

Nice and interesting contest,can't wait to join you guys here.