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Hello dear members of steemkids community, trust you are all doing great? We were happy to see all your entries last weekend. This weekend I believe you will do more. Remember it is a comment, let's have fun this weekend together with your kids. To win, remember to observe all the rules, yes let's go


First winner:@veronica 8 Steems
Second winner: @emmybless 6 Steems
Third winner:@anderannahysa 4 Steems

The remaining 12steems was shared among all the participants: Each person received 1.7 Steems


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This is a comment and engaging contest where everyone both kids and those whose kids are below 13 years are expected to give us updates on how their weekend is going.

The kids will tell what annoying, funny and exciting thing they are experiencing during their weekend while the kids lovers will give us update of how the kids around them are behaving.

We can't wait to receive entries at the comment section of this post.


We will count the number of entries you have made within the weekend, the highest participant wins. You can make entry as many times as possible. But please, try to make comments on other Participants entries. And the pictures should be real ones. Don't edit it and don't add any effects on them.

Engagement is the main reason why we have brought this contest back. So we expect to see at least one comment you make at other people's post for any entry you drop.

Remember to tell us which country you are making your entry from and what time it is there.

Can we do it????, Yes we can, let's do it


1st place- 8 steem
2nd place- 6 steem
3rd place- 4 Steem

We will then share 12 steem to all other Participants.


  • Pictures must be yours and must represent what is actually going on around you as regards the kids or you our kids. Please I've observed that some people will be saying one thing but the picture depicted something else, this kind comment will be invalid

  • Your entries must be what is happening around you and so there must be a backup picture

  • Each comment must be upto 50 words

  • You must upvote this post, resteem it to get more popular and you must follow steemkidss

  • We will consider those who have joined our Curation trail and set it at 100%. We will also consider those who have Delegated to steemkidss to help us grow. To join, and delegate, please click here

  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated

  • Entry ends on Sunday 24/04/2022 by 11:59pm Nigeria time.

Please make sure you follow all the rules religiously

I wish you all success, enjoy your weekend



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It's 11:46am Nigeria time.
Hello everyone today a Sunday. Preparing for my religious meeting which will start a few hours. I decided to drop a photo of us preparing. This is the clothes we are wearing for the meeting. Well the most beautiful amoung is actually my uncle. His clothes is so cute. Well mine is nice. Take a look at it 😜.



Glad to know you were preparing for religion meeting with your uncle.

Yes ooo

Hi beautiful! You are very beautiful! The dress is super cute and your uncle looks handsome too!

Thanks dear ❤️. I love you ❤️

estas hermosamente vestoda para tu evento religioso, me alegro ver lo contenta que estas con tu tío saludos

Que bueno 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳felicitaciones a todos los concursantes mos divertimos muchisimo saludos a todos amigos desde Venezuela

It's 8:26am Nigeria time.
Hello everyone most good morning to you all . Waking up today late late Sha because I ate much and slept late yesterday. Thanks to God for bringing me up today feeling stronger 💪. Well I am with clothes I want to go and wash these clothes after washing I will go get the dining ready for breakfast.

Feeling happy bye 👋.

Wow 🥺🧐

Hola que bueno que pudiste descansar sobre todo que te levantaste con mucha fuerza. Saludos 🥰

You want to do a good house chores, cleanliness is next to Godlyness well done dear @princeifeko

Thanks ma'am I appreciate ❤️

Best wishes as you wash your clothes dear

Thanks ma'am 🥰

That's very good of you, I can see the excitement in your face to show that you enjoyed carrying out your chores. Be a good boy!

Thanks ma'am. I am a good boy

Hi, friend! When we eat a lot at night we wake up late the next day!

Good thing you woke up stronger and ready to wash!


Greetings dear I like your encouragement ☺️

Thanks for the reward and congratulations to the winners


Good morning everyone, it's 10:15am here in Nigeria.
This is Mercy and she came to join her mom and I who is picking palm fruits.
That she is also picking and she ended picking non because all she wanted was to enter picture.
Children of nowadays with pictures ehn 😆😆

Hahahahahahaha children of nowadays. 🤣🤣🤣

Que hermosas niña, con razón quería estar en la foto porque quería mostrarno lo bonita que es 😁😁😁😁

Such an adorable kid, please you people should let the baby help her mom in picking palm fruits o. Hey we used those palm fronds in my place as firewoods

Ah we don't want story that touches the heart oo.
Some of my people also use the palm fronts as firewoods but mostly burnt away because we are blessed with so many trees for firewoods

Hahaha Mercy looks like me, I always want to be in the photos and I look for any excuse!

That's good

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Time check in Nigeria is 5:20pm


Good evening everyone, remember my girl Mercy from earlier in the morning? Well, immediately she saw me now, she quickly ran to her dad because I said I wanted to snap her.
She thought I was gone and when she raised her head, I captured her.
Kids are so cute and innocent.
Nothing bothers them aside eating, sleeping and easing themselves.

Si. Son muy inocentes y maravillosos que buena toma capturaste

Yes you're right they're so innocent

Awww 😍 How cute Mercy, she is a charm, she has a beautiful smile.

Hola amigos deseo que todos esten bien nos ha costado un poco subir las fotos ya que el internet en esta parte del mundo esta terrible 😑 sin embargo no queremos perder la oportunidad de participar en este concurso llevando nuestro fin de semana. Despertamos, desayunamos y ahora estamos cumpliendo con nuestros deberes escolares, Mathías trabaja en artes y Carlos prácticando matemáticas.

Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela
Soy @veronica7



Holis! Ya los fines de semana volverán a lo de antes, tarea y más tareas! Jajajaja se nos acabaron las vacaciones!

Saludos! 😊

Así es amiguita 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mis niños pasaron el día En labores escolares

Hola amigos hora 3.50 de la tarde en Venezuela cuando preparamos eate detallito para mi mamá y abuela de mis hijos Carlos y Mathías. Esta de cumpleaños y nosotros contentos de llevar un poco de alegría con nuestro regalo. Hoy el clima esta super caluroso el calor es insoportable 🥵🥵🥵 eso nos molesta un poco 🤣🤣🤣 un saludo amigos desde Venezuela.

Hola, está muy lindo el regalo! Todo lo que hacemos con amor para nuestros seres queridos es especial!

Hoy el clima estuvo super caliente 🥵 una locura total!

Asi ea amiga el clima horrible que rabia y el internet ni se diga pero bueno gracias a Dios por todo


Estamos compartiendo con la tía yosmary mientras llega la abuela. La tía yosmary es nuy querida por sus sobrinos 4.30pm Venezuela Ciudad Bolívar.

Siempre hay una tía querida! Ellas son consentidoras y muchas veces cómplices de nuestras travesuras!

Asi es amiga esta es la tia que mas quieren 🤣🤣🤣🤣 saludos

Asi es amiga esta es la tia que mas quieren 🤣🤣🤣🤣 saludos


Que alegría entregando el regalo de la abuela, la abuela muy contenta de recibirlo y Carlos por llevaresta pequeña alegría saludos
Ciudad Bolívar

Abuelas 😍 Lo mejor que tenemos en la vida! Más consentidoras que mamá y nuestras eternas defensoras! Hermosa foto!

Good evening everyone

This boy did annoyed me this evening and makes me angry this evening, I was in the sitting room he enter my room and carry my powder and Rob on his face almost finishing the powder I bought 2 days ago and came out to the sitting room jumping and said Mummy see my face am fine. I was a bit calm down by snapping him this picture.


Time : 3pm
Location : Nigeria

Thanks for reading

Ewooo, 😀😃😃😄😆 this is so funny and annoying, hmmmmm my boy you are looking good sha 💓💗

This is funny 🤣 though annoying, he looks like a baby 🎎 doll

😂😂 of course you are fine like Nollywood ghost.
Kids can be very cute yet annoying

I panic! Hahaha Once I did that with my mom's cosmetics and spent the whole day grounded 😅

They are shenanigans of the age! It's good that the rat calmed down!


Oh querida que molesto y que risa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no se que decir los niños son así sus travesuras a veces nos emociona y otras nos dan corajes pero Dios los bendiga

Hoy fue un dia especial celebrando el cumple de la abuela mis niños pasaron todo el dia acompañándola y deseandole un feliz cumpleaños. Luego disfrutaron de una rico pedazo de pastel. Le damos gracias a Dios por celebrar la vida. Gracias a ustedes por poder compartir este momento especial .

Ciudad Bolívar
Hora 7.45 pm

La torta siempre es la mejor parte de los cumpleaños! 😋

Asi es y esta estaba riquísimas 🥰

It's 8:06am Nigeria time.
Good morning community am ßo glad in this contest today , today is a Saturday One of my favourite days in the week . Well I didn't participate in the last contest but I am full back. I woke up late feeling lazy I swept the compound inside and outside
Some of my neighbors came around to ask us about how school will be on Monday.

Funny right I just take a shot of them. See you later guys.

Buenos días que bueno 1ue cumpliste con tus deberes, se ven felices los niños 🥰

It's funny, children play is always like that

Yes oooo 🤣

You're welcome back and wish you a blissful weekend

Thanks dear ❤️

Hello Little Friend! It's super when we get up late on weekends!

Your friends look very happy, it's always fun to have visitors on the weekends!


Yeah that's true. Very fun 😁

The following two pictures were taken today at 11 am Bangladesh time. The little girl with me in the picture is my niece. My niece's name is Sadia. Sadiahlo is the jewel in the eye of everyone in our family. So he got a little naughty by getting everyone's caress. This morning I went with Sadia to see our fields. That's when these two pictures were taken.



Cutie Sadia.
Why did she bring out her tongue?

Sadia is photogenic! A cutie!

Muy linda tu sobrina que ojos tan hermosos tiene saludos.

The following pictures were taken at 4 pm Bangladesh time today. I used the camera of my Samsung Galaxy M20 mobile to take these pictures. The baby girl in the picture is my sister's daughter. Her name is Mahi. Mahi is Nusrat's younger sister. Mahi dressed up as Nusrat did when she went for a walk in the afternoon. Mahi was wearing glasses which made him look very funny so I didn't take pictures of Mahi. Friends must tell how the pictures of Mahir are.



She actually looks cute with those glasses

I love the look! It is very beautiful and original!

Me encanta las fotos de Mahi, esos lentes le quedan muy bien y la hacen ver aun mas hermosas saludos.🥰

Good evening my lovelies, I hope all of us are enjoying our weekend together with our kids,
This little handsome boy just make me laugh because of his funny action. He went inside and carry this bra and wear, I wonder ooo and he even enjoy wearing, hmmmmm it is something that most of us have been doing when we were kids sha.♥️

Country, _Nigeria

😆😆😆 this reminded me of one of my nephews few years ago.
But the bra really fits him oo

Oh my goodness 🤣🤣🤣🤣😊🤗 this is so funny 🤣 children will always remain the same.

Hahaha we all did it at some point! He's a little naughty! 😂

You look so funny on that dress 🥻

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 alos niños diempre les gusta divertirse y cuando eso pasa todo esta a la disposición son muy creativos


Hello everyone, it's 6:23pm here in Nigeria.
This is baby Stephanie with her gorgeous makeup.
This black lines according to her is the makeup she did by herself and she was so excited.
Children can be so funny 🤣

This is so funny 🤣, I used to do this while growing up


Hahaha children have very funny occurrences!

Hermosa niña que bueno que ya sabe maquillarse felicitaciones 🥰

Hello friends! I trust you all have a wonderful weekend ours is amazing 🤩 oh no school will resume again tomorrow. Well we're ready though. I'm reporting from Nigeria and it's 7:47 pm


Isn't it obvious that a lot of us used to put on our shoes like this feeling that it's the right way? LoL 😂 I was laughing out loud when he came to me and asked mum is this the correct way to wear? Funny right?

Espero todo salga bien en la escuela. Me parece super gracioso enséñale como es correcto 🤦‍♀️

Yeah yeah, you know this contest immediately flash on my mind when I saw this, I asked him to wait for me to take a picture, then I'll teach him the proper way to put on

🤣🤣🤣🤣 que divertido saludos 🥰

Hahaha I loved wearing shoes like that! My mom corrected me and I put them back upside down.

Classes will start here too!


Hello friends! It's 7:56pm I'm reporting from Nigeria.


So when coming back from our Christian meeting their elder bros ask me to take him photos of his new suit, they were inside trying to change up, but immediately they realized what was going on look at them running to come and enter the photo. I was laughing so hard, they told me to wait for them to stalk in their shirts. So funny 🤣

Wow que guapos están. Dios los bendiga. Me imagino la diversion detras de la cámara 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you 💕

They are all very handsome!

Whenever we have a new suit we want many photos to show off our clothes!

I'm reporting from Nigeria and it's 8:10pm


One of the annoying things my kids used to do is taking uncountable selfie with my phone when I'm not aware, they will even delete some of my important photos. After they will ask me to open the picture for them to view. Annoying right?

😂😂😂😂😂 les encata tomarse sus selfies me parecen hermosos aunque te hagan molestar... saludos 🙋‍♀️

Yeah you know it bother me because they can't handle the phone properly, there tendency of them dropping the phone and the screen broke

Wow si amiga hay que tener cuidado

Hahaha my mom thinks the same as you! I take her cell phone, I take many photos of her and sometimes I accidentally delete hers and she gets very upset.

They looked cute in the selfie!

I'm reporting live from Nigeria and it's 8:55pm. So this kids wore their cap and hair band and we ask me to snap them and post. They knew their mother is a Steemian. 😂


Oh hermosos niños que bueno que cuentan contigo para tomar sus fotos 🤣🤣🤣

Haha 😂 yes thanks for your meaningful comment

Hahaha it becomes customary to photograph everything! When my sister started on the platform and I didn't have her account, I was always waiting to appear in her photos!


Hola amigos espero esten bien, todobel dia sin poder publicar debido a la inestabilidad del internet eso nos molesta un poco pero hemos trabajado mucho en las actividades escolares y ahora Mathías me esta ayudando a realizar una manualidad para un concurso espero esten bien 🥰

Ciudad Bolívar

Realizar manualidades es muy divertido y más si es para compartirlo con todos en la plataforma! Espero quede muy bien!

Hola amiguitos!

Venezuela / Ciudad Bolívar

Viernes 22/04/2022 Hora 10:00 am

El día de hoy tuve presentación de danza. Actualmente en la ciudad se creó un Movimiento Dancístico (MOVIDA) donde todas las escuelas de danza participan y presentan sus mejores bailes para fortalecer la cultura de nuestra ciudad.

Todo estuvo muy bonito y bailaron danza árabe, calipso, merengue, urbano y bachata… Una actividad llena de colorido y cultura.

Que bueno quisiera asistir a una de esas presentacion de ustedes invita la proxima vez 🥰🤣🤣🤣

Claro que sí! El 29 es la gala dancistica en el Parque Leonardo Ruiz Pineda, estarán agrupaciones de aquí, Pto Ordaz y Soledad! Estará buenísimo!

Ok amiga alli estaré con el favor de Dios espero verte 💞 un abrazote

Hola chicos!

Venezuela / Ciudad Bolívar

Sábado 23/04/2022 Hora 1:40 pm

Hoy fue un día tranquilo en casa. Vi televisión, leí una novela que me tiene súper enganchada y luego me puse a realizar mi dibujo para un concurso de la comunidad.

Cada semana toca un animal diferente y esta vez fue el rey de la selva, pase parte de la tarde realizándolo para que quedara lo mejor posible.

Que bello León dibujaste buscaré tu post 🥰

Muchas gracias 🥰

Saludos amigos!

Venezuela / Ciudad Bolívar

Domingo 24/04/2022 Hora 11:00 am

Estaba en casa tranquila viendo televisión y mi mamá me dijo que la acompañara a realizar un trabajo que le salió. Ella es costurera y a veces la llaman para hacer algún mantenimiento a una máquina y es una entradita extra.

You look cute my dear. So lovely 🌹

Awww 😍 thank you so much!

You are welcome my dear 💞

Buenisimo que tu mami tiene ese tipo de conocimiento me parece genial que la acompañes saludos

Ella sabe de todo un poco! Así yo voy aprendiendo! 😁


  ·  2 months ago (edited)



Hello steemian. This is me and my neighbor. I'm teaching him how to draw and he's improving drastically. I'm writing from @nigeria and the time here is 2:21 pm. His desire snd zeal to learning how to draw is appreciated. Hope we are still steeming? Let's keep steeming and making the best use of our weekend with kids because it's always fun...@steemkidss