Food challenge contest week #20|| For everyone (teach the kids how to cook by your entries)

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       We welcome everyone to the week #20 of our cooking challenge. We are very happy because the kids are learning a lot from this initiative. The goal of this challenge is to help young children learn to defend themselves and create wonderful meals with the help of their representatives.

      We have made it to be for everyone to participate. This means that adults can participate and teach the kids how to cook by their participation. Children are allowed to participate with their accounts too and parents can participate with their children.
       Our community strives to provide all the support and we are proud to see them work with love. We thank the representatives who have been supporting their children so that they can participate. Congratulations to everybody.

       Congratulations to the people that participated for this week. We hope to see many of your delicious meals for this new week. You can decorate your meals so that they look beautiful, remember it's a challenge, the best food presentation will get better consideration .

All participants for last week

For last week we had 3 valid entries from 3 different members. Below you can see all their beautiful participants:










We shared two steem to all of the above Participants in the challenge. Congratulations to you all.

Important announcement

      The Best entries will stand a chance to be selected for booming support. We will now be sharing 20 steem to the first 20 Participants. Which means that the first 20 people will be getting one steem each. So please strive to make good presentation so that you can be among those that gain prizes. Try to show the steps you took in preparing the food so that others can learn. You should also include a Selfie of you with the food

Rules of this challenge

  • Avoid committing plagiarism in your publications and try to be totally original.

  • Use as first tag #kids-foodchallenge,
    ( #club5050, #club75 or
    #club100), #steemexclusive, #Yourcountry.

  • Everyone must share in the comment box of this publication the link of their entry and daily they must add the other links of their presentations. Please try to participate every week, Just have fun, get creative, and make your meals look awesome.

  • You should set at least 10% payout to the @steemkidss account in all your publications.

  • It is important that you know that underage children must leave a photo with their representative and both must enter their username. This is only for those children who are under the age of 13.

What to do?

You can prepare anything, snacks, drinks, cakes or even your local meals. The Important thing is that you show how to make it and make it educative for everyone.

You can cook whatever you want but remember that it is a challenge and you have to make it as beautiful as possible.

Most importantly we really appreciate the support of STEEMITBLOG @STEEMCURATOR01 AND @STEEMCURATOR02 to our community.

We're grateful, Thank you!


Best regards

@steemkids Community team

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