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Hello dear steemkids community members, it is time for another contest💃💃💃💃. Did you take part in the last contest? Or have you read the entries? They will surely teach you how relevant kids are in steemit ecosystem.

This week, we want to know the dangers that luck around kids and how they can be avoided. Kids are trapped in one form of child abuse or the other and we want see how we can learn about these dangers and avoid them.


Forms of child abuse prevalent in your locality

They can be one or even more. List them out and tell us the perpetrators carry the out. The effects they can have on the kids and how kids can avoid them. I believe that when we are able to identify all these dangers, it will be easier for kids to avoid or minimize it's occurence.


Name the forms of child abuse known to you that are prevalent in your locality.

Who is at risk the most, the male or female child?

What effect can they have on the kids?

How can the kids avoid them?


Plagiarism is not 🚫🚫🚫🚫 allowed and you will be disqualified when cought. Just right what you understand under the tips above or more

  • You must belong to either club5050, club75 or club100

  • Remember to add at least 20% beneficiary to steemkidss

  • Join our curation trail if you have not done so and set it to 100%

  • Subscribe to steemkids community and follow steemkidss which is our official account

  • Your post must be steemexclusive

  • Upvote, resteem and drop your entry link at the comment section of this post.

  • Your entry must be at least 250 words

  • Use the tag: #chikdabuse

  • Invite at least 3 friends to join

  • Contest ends after 7 days or when this post pays out (26/1/2022) at 11:59pm Nigeria time.


  • 1st place 15 steem

  • 2nd place 10

  • 3rd place 7

  • 4th place 5

  • 5th place 3

✓ Note that our community curation account is @steemkidss. Please take note of the double "SS"

Note also that this reward is different from the daily picks of the day and the daily curation of the day by the community account.

We wish you all best of lucks.


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Very good topic chosen

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Thank you my friend

Your welcome

This contest is mouth-watering as i am about to drop my entry as the whole is steeming up. For the previous one, @steemkids, thanks for the reward.

It indeed is an amazing contest that every lover of kids will and should participate in

This is a good contest and I will drop my entry before it's morning.

Regards to @steemkidss.

Thank you very much for this contest. Child abuse is a huge negative inccident to could befall any child regardless of how it is, however, outlinning it here on this contest, will help educate parents and even kids of how to over or avoid such condition. Dropping my entry soon.

Waiting for your entry to share more light on the effect of chikg

Thank you for participating
This contest is one of the most important Contest done this year in steemkidss

Yeah,and I wish you success.

Your face looks familiar,have we met before.

I don't know bro
But where do you stay, it's possible we have met before

Child abuse as alway been a phenomental issue in Africa in general for decades and in particular eveey locality has it peculiar form. Bringing it here as a contest will help all to have a preview of what is taking place in other places. It is a welcome development. I will drop my link soonest.

Okay,we will be looking up to that.

I have commented on your

Wow really
Thank you very much

This is a great contest. Will surely participate.

What!!?? You are participating in your own contest?

Well, is not a crime, is it? Hahaha

Such an interesting contest, but I'm confused with the #tag which is 👉👉 #chikdabuse 👈👈

Hello friend it's not #chikdabuse

The correct one is #childabuse.

It's quite confusing bro. A serious yet infinitesimal mistake

Yes bro
That's what I used. Thank you

This is really an amazing contest to take part in, its really gonna be exposing us on some certain important things.

Entry loading!!😊

Really amazing post
That is creating awareness of this pressing situation in the country known as child abuse

Nice one 👍

This contest is fantastisc i will drop my write immediately with the way abuse of children is rampant this days it is a really nice

This contest is fantastisc i will drop my write immediately with the way abuse of children is rampant this days it is a really nice topic.

Really fantastic
I will be waiting for you post link



Please can i participate
I'm not a verified member here

Yes, is for everyone. But you can consider delegating to steemkidss to help build the community account

Alright thank you

Yes dear
It's an open contest
Let's shine light on the struggles of kids being abused


Your welcome dear

I just created an entry, the link is attached below

Also, I have upvoted, resteemed, and upvoted the post. I have also set a beneficiary reward for the community.

Don't miss out on this;

This is an interesting contest, I will join.

I made my entry just in time. Here is the link to my entry

I will make sure from next time to participate and post early in the competitions.

I really like writing for this contest. Hope to participate in similar informative and knowledge gathering and sharing contests in future.

Really great post dear